Spirit entered Brisbane Marina under the skippership of Steve and Marsha Sears on January 5, 1992.
The following, whatever it ends up being called, is the account of what two mechanical engineers that 
went from automotive engineering into the fields of computer science did after purchasing a used cruising 
sailboat that had been cruised by two previous owners, the first - a doctor at least to Hawaii, and the 
second, a lawyer - at least to the South Pacific. For now I'll call it the Enhancement and Repair log...
Spirit's Enhancement and Repair Log
1/9/1992 Lewis rebuilt the male end of the power cord
1/11/1992 Dave Mills installed the drink holder (from Moonshot)
1/18/1992 Lewis took the main reef wench home to rebuild
1/19/1992 Lewis and Lewis installed tell tales on the sails
1/19/1992 Installed the paper towel holder (from Moonshot)
1/25/1992 Installed the medicine cabinet in the forward cabin (from Moonshot)
1/25/1992 Moved the mirror on the back of the door to the head up higher
1/25/1992 Installed the brass clock and barometer (gift from mom and dad - from Moonshot)
2/2/1992 Installed a new propane tank (replaced old one)
2/2/1992 Installed a solar vent in the cockpit (the hole had already been cut for a speaker) Jim helped (from Moonshot)
2/2/1992 Added a canvas propane canister storage bag for the grill (from Moonshot)
2/8/1992 Added a wincher self tacker to the main sheet winch
2/8/1992 Replaced missing starboard toe rail track ends
2/9/1992 Replaced switch in the circular florescent light over the nav station
2/15/1992 Installed Macintosh computer system (from Lewis)
2/15/1992 Installed Cybernet Stereo System (from Moonshot)
2/16/1992 Installed Loran-C System (from Moonshot)
2/17/1992 Marsha purchased a used Sailrite/Brother Sewing Machine
2/22/1992 Installed vent on propane grill
2/22/1992 Purchased a 250 watt inverter
2/23/1992 Lewis took the 2 HP Suzuki outboard engine home to rebuild
3/2/1992 Installed the anchor wash down system
3/7/1992 Replaced the 50 amp power receptacle with a 30 amp one
3/7/1992 Purchased a 30 amp power cord for shore power
3/7/1992 Installed the EPIRB (from Moonshot)
3/7/1992 Brought the nautical books for the bookshelves (from Moonshot)
3/8/1992 Began studying (planning) a holding tank installation
3/20/1992 Trimmed inflatable dinghy floor boards (from Moonshot)
3/22/1992 Test drove the rebuilt 2 HP Suzuki outboard motor (Thanks Lewis!)
3/22/1992 Marsha completed making new curtains 
3/22/1992 Marsha completed making binnacle/wheel cover
3/28/1992 Brought snorkeling gear, speargun, machete, and bolt cutters (from Moonshot)
3/29/1992 Installed telephone, modem, and answering machine
3/31/1992 Phone service hooked up
4/4/1992 Marsha sewed elastic into the main salon slip covers
4/4/1992 Oiled anchor and driveshaft with LPS3
4/4/1992 Installed fishing rod holders, rods, and stowed fishing tackle (from Moonshot)
4/10/1992 Adjusted (figured out and) shaft brake
4/12/1992 Changed home port to San Francisco
4/12/1992 Added 200' line and chain to anchor locker (after cleaning it out) (probably from Moonshot)
4/26/1992 Replaced deck fitting for waste
4/26/1992 Began Autopilot installation (Josh from Moonshot)
5/10/1992 Salvaged and repaired fiberglass dinghy that was about to go up on the rocks of Treasure Island on a heavy weather outing with Lewis
5/10/1992 Lewis adjusted the fuel mix on the 2 HP Suzuki, it runs
5/15/1992 Had working jib repaired
5/17/1992 Replaced the pull starter cord on the 6 HP Johnson Outboard (from the Aquarius)
5/17/1992 Added Alladen Cleat Lifeline System (3rd lifeline through cleat eye on shrouds)
5/17/1992 Installed 12 Volt outlet for TV
5/17/1992 Replaced the sail ties
6/13/1993 Installed throttle cable clamp
6/27/1992 Brought last of sorted boat stuff from home (I think this means stuff from Moonshot usable on Spirit)
6/28/1992 Installed Burgee Halyard
6/28/1992 Finished installing fire hose rubrail protector on hard dinghy
6/28/1992 Rebuilt Head
6/28/1992 Fine tuned the adjustment on the throttle cable clamp
6/28/1992 Marsha prepped and put first coat of paint on hard dinghy
7/1/1992 Lewis returns Suzuki with timing adjusted
7/3/1992 Brought the portable Fish Finder (from Moonshot) (co-owned with Jim)
7/3/1992 Second coat of white paint on dinghy
7/3/1992 Painted air scoops
7/18/1992 Serviced engine, Oil and Gas Filters, new Thermostat
7/19/1992 Designed holding tank system, need to find right tank
7/19/1992 Debugged problem with lower running light system, needs parts
7/19/1992 Found location for auxiliary 12 Volt switch panel
7/25/1992 Implemented holding tank system with pump out
8/1/1992 Rebuilt holding tank pump
8/1/1992 Installed Chute Scoop on Spinnaker
8/1/1992 Replaced deck level stern running light lens
8/1/1992 Installed towel bars in shower
8/8/1992 Relocated Aladdin Cleats for extra life line
8/8/1992 Marsha stripped starboard rub rail varnish
8/8/1992 Installed Auxiliary switch panel, hooked up running lights
8/8/1992 Rigged jib downhaul
8/8/1992 Marsha installed hinges on instrument panel cover
8/8/1992 Rigged jib tie down system
8/8/1992 Rigged line for mizzen reef
8/8/1992 Installed life line netting
8/8/1992 Rigged main manual bilge pump
8/8/1992 Greased primary winches
8/8/1992 Cleaned engine sea water strainer
8/9/1992 Located wind generator wiring
8/15/1992 Redid thermostat install because of leak, new gasket
8/16/1992 Finished designing and implementing jib downhaul
8/22/1992 Installed new port and starboard running lights
8/22/1992 Hooked new running lights to wind generator wiring, old wire was bad
8/22/1992 Put keyed alike locks on cockpit lazeretts
8/29/1992 Cleaned mildew in V Berth
8/29/1992 Started making stanchion mounting plate underside accessible for pending recaulk project
8/30/1992 Took apart and prepared stanchion over head for redo
8/30/1992 Made a diagram of all sea cocks
8/30/1993 Purchased handheld VHF radio, Standard Model HX230S
8/30/1992 Made sketches for dock step / box
8/30/1992 Started thinking about Electrical System and adding a starter battery
9/1/1992 New Cushions installed in V Berth, Peninsula Canvas, High Density Foam like first class airline seats
9/1/1992 Put epoxy in stanchion opening (over head compartment)
9/5/1992 Marsha stripped varnish on starboard toe rail
9/5/1992 Installed hand held VHF Radio on back of cockpit table
9/5/1992 Caulked and reinstalled stanchion over head compartment
9/6/1992 Completed construction of dock step box (started 8/31/92)
9/6/1992 Rigged mizzen preventer
9/6/1992 Rigged large block and tackle for Spinnaker pole downhaul
9/12/1992 Marsha rigged galley belt
9/12/1992 Marsha repaired grill cover
9/13/1992 Marsha made canvas covers for the handrails on deck
9/19/1992 Replaced forward hatch cover
9/19/1992 Marsha stripped much of the port rub and toe rails
9/19/1992 Researched autopilot, need to order a sensitivity resister
9/20/1992 Deployed awning in cockpit, Installed quick deploy system
9/20/1992 Marsha completed design and prototype phase for bean bags
9/26/1992 Marsha completed 2 great boat bean bags
9/26/1992 Marsha retrofitted old wheel cover to be cover for Johnson 6 outboard
9/26/1992 Added SPIRIT lettering to hard dinghy and dock step
9/26/1992 Added non skid strips to dock step box
9/26/1992 Rigged rigging mount Boatenna TV Antenna
9/26/1992 Designed and commissioned Dave Henderson to build a mount for a bigger winch for the main reefing system
10/3/1992 Installed knob on autopilot sensitivity control
10/20/1992 Put camping foam pads under settees in main salon
10/20/1992 Installed brass key holder by midship companionway
10/20/1992 Analyzed ship's power consumption
10/20/1992 Debugged interference in Loran, Radar and Instruments
10/24/1992 Replaced galley sink drains
10/24/1992 Replaced feed tube in drain system for galley cold water
10/24/1992 Installed Seagull IV Drinking water purifier (came with boat not or uninstalled)
10/25/1992 Installed spice rack over galley sink (from Moonshot)
10/25/1992 Installed 2 bookshelves in the forward end of the V Berth (from Moonshot)
10/31/1992 Made the vice mount floor board for aft cabin closet
10/31/1992 Marsha made a bulkhead mount canvas pouch system for the compartment under the sink in the head
11/5/1992 Installed a battery bag in the dead space above the nave station
11/5/1992 Jumpered blown trace fuse in the Loran-C, still debugging noise
11/7/1992 Wired VHF extension speaker through stereo
11/7/1992 Installed volume control unit onto aft companionway speaker board
11/7/1992 Moved VHF extension speaker into nav station
11/7/1992 Rewired loran-c back together, can't use with radar
11/8/1992 Fixed compass cover
11/8/1992 Made design sketch for teak box for volume control unit
11/14/1992 Marsha stripped more varnish from the port rails
11/14/1992 Upgraded reefing winch
11/15/1992 Studied ground system and read the Eliminator documentation
11/15/1992 Verified sink drains would work
11/15/1992 Installed teak volume control box housing
11/15/1992 Rerouted VHF Speaker system, A) Speaker in Nav Station, B) Plug into Mic on Stereo for cockpit, need new shielded cable
11/21/1992 Installed winchers on rest of winches
11/21/1992 Deployed zinc guppy
11/21/1992 Installed a force 10 propane grill
11/21/1992 Added a 25' extension cord to phone
11/25/1992 Installed alcohol heater for when there is no electricity
12/24/1992 Had new cushions for main Salon made
12/31/1992 Bought a Coleman Halogen Spotlight
1/8/1993 Hung the picture, gift from Gita, in Head
1/10/1993 Added Mast Mate with but pack belt
1/31/1993 Installed Starter Battery with AMPLE Power Eliminator
1/31/1993 Marsha cleaned the galley hatches
1/31/1993 Installed cup hooks for coffee cups
1/31/1993 Reorganized Galley shelf space
2/4/1993 Ordered new pair of Cybernet speakers and decided on their location
2/6/1993 Purchased and started reading the literature, Smart Alternator Regulator
2/6/1993 Purchased and started reading the literature, Bank Manager
2/6/1993 Had PME make teak plate for replacing the old charge voltage rheostat with the Bank Manager 2 control
2/9/1993 Order a high output alternator from Everfair
2/15/1993 Removed and disassembled the manual windless from the foredeck
2/16/1993 Ordered parts for windless rebuild
2/19/1993 Took delivery of the high output alternator
2/20/1993 Got documentation for a power survivor 32 Water maker to start thinking about how and where to install one
2/21/1993 Made a stab at debugging manual overboard holding tank pump out, thought I fixed it but didn't
2/21/1993 Installed the new set of Cybernet speakers in the main salon
2/22-25/1993 Reassembled the windlass with the new parts, including parts that were redesigned (Engineering Changes)
2/25/1993 Sorted out the logical design for the alternation / Bank Manager II install
2/26/1993 Sorted out the physical design for the alternation / Bank Manager II install
2/26/1993 Determined alternator was wrong one, sent back for a replacement
2/27/1993 Reinstalled rebuilt windlass
2/27/1993 Began wiring BMII / alternator system
2/27/1993 Marsha made covers for the bases of the main salon cushions
3/6/1993 Completed installing and debugging the Bank Manager II
3/6/1993 Marsha made cushion covers for 5 more of the main salon cushions
3/7/1993 Attached lanyard to mid ship dorade vent over head
3/7/1993 Installed new thermostat gasket correctly, fixed leak
3/7/1993 Fixed leak in head with new long screwdriver
3/11/1993 Marsha completed cushion covers for main salon
3/11/1993 Installed new 100 Amp high output alternator
3/19/1993 Finished electrical system debugging
3/28/1993 Fixed old Par Jabsco water pump, replaced the switch as a spare pump
3/28/1993 Installed new SureFlo, quiet, self priming water pump
4/3/1993 Found board to place under screw box
4/3-4/1993 Sanded, cleaned, and prepped rub and toe tails
4/7/1993 Cleaned and bleached rub and toe rails, final prep
4/8/1993 Applied Star Brite Tropical Teak Sealer, Classic Dark, to rub and toe tails, one coat, looks great
4/8/1993 Applied two coats color restorer to blue boot stripe
5/1/1993 Rerouted stereo yellow wire to ignition battery (I'm sure there was a reason)
5/1/1993 Rerouted power wire from BMII to battery
5/22/1993 Had a leather strip added to dodger to protect it from the boom (chafe)
5/28/1993 Added a bug sprayer shower system
6/5/1993 Mounted lazerette retainer springs (later deinstalled, used epoxy to mount spring base, didn't hold. Not having them not a problem)
6/5/1993 Replaced Glow Plug switch and stocked a spare
6/6/1993 Added a new second pair of 7 x 50 binoculars with a compass
6/6/1993 Added a Portable Garmin 75 GPS
6/13/1993 Installed GPS in Nav Station
6/24/1993 Storage case for force 10 grill
5/14/1994 Boat hauled out
6/19/1994 Bottom paint, spars painted, new 316 stainless rigging at Anderson's Boatyard in Sausalito
6/19/1994 Mast head light upgraded to add anchor and strobe lights
6/19/1994 Repacked propshaft stuffing box, 3/16" flax packing
6/19/1994 4 plastic through hull fittings replaced with bronze
6/19/1994 Fish finder transducer added to hull
6/19/1994 Autohelm 3000 auto pilot added
6/19/1994 Varnish removed from cockpit, eyebrows and handrails
6/19/1994 Loran antenna replaced
6/19/1994 New VHF Antenna
6/19/1994 New main, mizzen, jib, and spinnaker halyards
6/19/1994 All new cleats on spars
6/19/1994 All spar winches cleaned and greased
6/19/1994 All new wiring (foam wrapped) in main and mizzen, including 1 spare set in main mast for gadgets yet to be invented
6/19/1994 Spreader lights added to mizzen
6/19/1994 Windscreen patched and re stitched
6/19/1994 Batten pocket repaired on main sail
6/19/1994 Retained 1/2 of old rigging as set of spare wires
6/19/1994 Fore and back stays, 1 mail upper and 2 lower shrouds, a mizzen upper and lower
6/19/1994 Ran GPS wire to cockpit and rigged table mount for it
6/19/1994 Replaced table in cockpit
6/19/1994 Ran fish finder wire to cockpit
6/18/1994 Had 2" of bottom of mast cut off, half moon drain grooves cut in bottom, and a 2" Aluminum mast step fabricated to replace the height
6/19/1994 Radar failed to function correctly, technician coming out Monday
6/19/1994 New House Batteries, 2 - 4 D
6/19/1994 Total Yard Bill = $18,306.26, 8 page recite dated June 17, 1994
7/16/1994 Cleaned cockpit teak and applied Starbrite Tropical Sealer
7/30/1994 Radar repaired, the technician stated he preferred these older models to the newer ones
8/1/1994 Applied additional coat of Tropical Sealer to all of the external teak
8/7/1994 Degreased engine and applied LP2 corrosion preventative to engine and bilge mechanics
8/7/1994 Marsha began stripping teak companionway hatch boards
8/14/1994 Replaced forward most port port hole inside window
8/28/1994 Replaced broken handle on Seagull water purifier
2/25/1995 Hood Cruising Spinnaker with dousing sock from Sail Exchange, like new condition, $1,100, Tequila Sunrise, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, 1-1/2 oz Genoa 140 from a Catalina 36
2/26/1995 Installed hatch door over cut out in port settee, for water maker access
3/4/1995 Installed antenna splitter for VHF/FM service
5/7/1995 New bolts and caulking (polysulfide compound) on all deck mounted stanchions
5/20/1995 Installed hatch door over cut out in starboard settee, cleaned water tanks
7/1/1995 Replaced aft cabin cushions with a custom futon
7/2/1995 Installed PowerSurvivor 35 water maker
7/9/1995 Added a new Mizzen Stay Sail, made by Sailrite, colors to match cruising spinnaker
8/20/1995 Installed 3 new marine grade fire extinguishers
8/21-9/13/95 Applied 5 coats of varnish to interior cabin sole
10/1/1995 * Closed on Sale of house, 22156 Rae Lane, Cupertino, 95014. Moved into the apartment 1480 Crestwood Dr. #1, San Bruno, 94066
10/12/1995 Installed new Profurl furling jib system and a 130% Genoa
11/4/1995 Replaced toilet
11/4/1995 Marsha diagnosed problem with head discharge plumbing
11/6/1995 Ordered new main sail with a Dutchman Flaking System and a new mizzen sail
11/11/1995 Replaced sink drains and faucets in vanity and head
11/12/1995 Replaced shower sump pump
11/12/1995 Replaced gate valve with Y valve in head discharge plumbing
11/12/1995 Manual overboard discharge system now works
11/15/1995 Bay Riggers installed new stay sail stay and the custom tack and head mount fittings they manufactured
12/2/1995 Ordered Hard Dodger, started thinking of other canvass projects for California Custom Canvass: mosquito net for companionway and a bimini
12/3/1995 Installed new shower faucet combo
12/3/1995 Installed new brass kerosene lantern on port forward bulkhead in main salon
12/9/1995 Installed new Statpower 1500 watt inverter
12/10/1995 Installed wire shelf unit on back of the door under the galley sink
12/17/1995 New throw rug for hall by galley
12/17/1995 New storage bins for liquor and food hatches
12/17/1995 Rigged block and tackle, and rail eyes for main mast running back stays
12/17/1995 Replaced metal fuel tank with new plastic one for Johnson 6 outboard motor
12/17/1995 Met with Rich of California Custom Canvas, thinking about bimini
12/26/1995 Installation of new main and mizzen sails completed
1/6/1996 Added espresso / capuchino machine
1/6/1996 Added rugs for galley, V-berth, and aft cabin areas
1/13/1996 Installed new 44# Bruce anchor to bow roller
1/13/1996 Added new Four Winds II wind and trolling generator (not installed yet)
1/20/1996 Added another coat of Tropical Sealer to exterior teak
1/27/1996 Ran 2 sets of 12 volt wires along starboard wiring track to forepeak, 1 for the wind generator, 1 spare
1/27/1996 Replaced tubes to starboard deck drains in head and aft hanging locker
2/23/1996 Partially installed propane sniffer in bilge, ran the wires
2/3/1996 FINALLY debugged head pump out. Replaced pump with vertical mount ump and cleaned out the plugged vent
2/10/1996 Added 4 Solorex MSX-30 Solar Panels, 1.75 Amp each. The Plan is to mount removably, to top of hard dodger being built
2/10/1996 Cut tubing from old dodger to fabricate stanchion mounts for solar panels (removable panels mounted on top of new hard dodger)
2/25/1996 Hard Dodger and Bimini systems completed
3/2/1996 Adjustable solar panel mounts completed
3/3/1996 Completed most of the wiring for the new energy system additions
3/9/1996 Replaced battery charger
3/9/1996 Replaced port cockpit drain tube through aft cabin hatch
3/10/1996 Replaced defective solar wind voltage regulator
3/10/1996 Added 2 stainless fishing rod holders, mounted on stern pulpit
3/10/1996 Replaced port deck drain tube through galley hatch (a bitch)
3/17/1996 Purchased new main and mizzen sheets, reef lines, and other control lines
3/17/1996 Determined original solar wind voltage regulator was not defective, returned new one to West
3/17/1996 Completed propane sniffer installation
3/23/1996 Started ICOM IC-M710 SSB Marine Radio installation
3/23/1996 Started engine compartment sound proofing installation
3/24/1996 Marsha replaced galley and shower portlight screens. I need to get the stripped screw out of the shower frame
3/30/1996 Finished SSB installation
3/30/1996 Finished sound proofing engine compartment dog house boards. (I wrote no noticeable difference but don't remember that being the case)
4/19/1996 Bought boat computer (Apple Duo laptop, with color monitor)
4/19/1996 Bought new 10' Zodiac dinghy with the inflatable floor (from Tim's Zodiac, at the boat show)
4/19/1996 Bought a Terminal Node Controller for SSB / Computer (a sea going modem)
4/20/1996 Bought new jib sheet track fairleads
4/20/1996 Installed the other spare winch from Moonshot on port cockpit coaming as backup power for roller furling
4/20/1996 Finished replacing all rigging lines
4/22/1996 Got other boat computer, (Midwest Micro Windows 95 laptop)
4/22/1996 Took Sailrite sewing machine to repair shop to be adjusted
4/23/1996 Installed Monitor Windvane
4/23/1996 Commissioned Larsen Sails to retrofit old hank on jib as a 95% furling jib with sunbrella
4/27/1996 Added sound proofing to the top bulkhead over engine
4/27/1996 Added fan to the aft cabin
4/28/1996 Added fishing tackle box
4/30/1996 Picked up new Zodiac from Tim's home
5/2/1996 Installed reworked jib on furling system. The old primary jib was cut off at the reef point, UV protection cloth added. Now a nice San Francisco summer jib
5/2/1996 Tested Zodiac inflatable dinghy, stows under fiberglass dinghy. Works great!
5/2/1996 Replaced all 3 lead acid batteries with GEL CELL batteries
5/3/1996 Removed head liner in main salon, re bedded mast pulpits and pad eye aft of the hatch, just aft of main mast
5/25/1996 Sewing machine adjusted and stowed back on board
5/27/1996 Finished tuning rigging per instructions from Brian Toss's seminar conducted at West Marine
5/30/1996 Get the engine up to snuff project started
6/2/1996 Took delivery of Terminal Node Controller and SGC/DSP
6/7/1996 Replaced lights in the aft cabin, head, and over vanity sink with halogen
6/8/1996 Engine work, painted transmission and bracket, spliced out connector and reworked muffler
6/9/1996 Head liner project, added flanges (pad eyes) for storm jib, replaced broken hand rail bolt
6/9/1996 Replaced lights in the mail salon, center and over the fridge with halogen
6/14/1996 Engine, Westerbeak 58 Serial #F23919, Spec. HPW 1T01, over hauled by John Moore of Allied Marine Service, Inc. of San Rafael. $2,617.42 and a page long parts list
6/14/1996 Removed starter, heat exchanger, transmission oil cooler, sea water pump, etc.
6/14/1996 Boil out, flush, and silver solder heat exchanger
6/14/1996 Overhaul sea water pump
6/14/1996 Make up fittings and pulley on new sea water pump
6/14/1996 Make up spacer and retainer for sea water pump mount
6/14/1996 Assemble transmission oil collar fittings
6/14/1996 Clean and paint parts
6/14/1996 Install all new hoses
6/14/1996 Replace exhaust nipple and elbow
6/14/1996 Replumbed water heater heat exchanger hoses, per ECN, so hot water routes to house water heater first
6/14/1996 Install new transmission oil collar and make up hoses
6/14/1996 Install heat exchanger
6/14/1996 Adjust valves
6/14/1996 Sort out overheating problem
6/22/1996 Added a Printer, and Epson Color Styless Pro II, with connectors for both Windows and Macintosh computers
6/22/1996 Added a PowerTalk signal processor to the SSB
6/22/1996 Connected the AEA Terminal Node Controller (sea going modem)
6/22/1996 Added a Garmin 210 GPS with PC interface (stowed Loran)
6/30/1996 Replaced the broken wood strip on the midship companionway entrance
7/2/1996 Replaced engine thermostat, ordered more spare parts
7/6/1996 Added an RCA Camcorder with a PC interface (Snappy)
7/6/1996 Replaced the TV/VCR with a new one
7/7/1996 Used 2 year old topping lift for main (the new Dutchman main replaced the topping lift) to build a harness for the rigging mount wind generator
7/23/1996 Acquired ABI folding Mast Steps for the main mast
7/24/1996 Stocked more filters for engine oil and fuel
7/26/1996 Ordered spare parts kits for wind generator and water maker
7/27/1996 Installed custom shelf unit under companionway entrance (constructed by Heritage Repair)
7/27/1996 Further thermostat testing
7/29/1996 Ordered Winslow, 6 person offshore life raft
7/30/1996 Still trying to get a SCSI interface for computer, Marsha ordered from Iomega, planed to return the Midwest Micro one (failing). New one works
8/31/1996 Completed work during haulout at Richmond Boat Works = $6,300
8/31/1996 New Bottom Paint
8/31/1996 Replaced zincs
8/31/1996 Through hull fittings serviced
8/31/1996 Many hose clamps replaced
8/31/1996 Replaced front 200 ' anchor chain, 3/8" (not BBC)
8/31/1996 Drive Shaft and rudder post packing nuts repacked
8/31/1996 Replaced starboard main spreader light fixture and other three spreader light bulbs
8/31/1996 Cleaned port forward cockpit drain, plugged with dog hair
8/31/1996 Replaced cracked cockpit drain fitting
8/31/1996 Installed the folding steps on the main mast
8/31/1996 Fabricated a new goose neck for the main boom
8/31/1996 Replaced Lifelines
8/31/1996 Added 406 EPIRB
8/31/1996 Added a Lifesling
8/31/1996 Added a propane tank for the grill, aluminum
8/31/1996 Added a spare boom vang
8/31/1996 Added 18' Para-Tech Sea Anchor
8/31/1996 New sheets for aft berth
8/31/1996 New snorkeling gear, stowed under clothes hamper
8/31/1996 New camping chairs
9/6/1996 Installed Winslow Liferaft
9/6/1996 Second zip drive
9/6/1996 Macintosh Duo 210 exchanged for a Color Duo 280
9/6/1996 2 Rubbermaid Ice chests for cockpit
9/6/1996 More flares for safety kit
9/6/1996 Power Survivor Model 06 manual water maker for emergency bag
9/6/1996 Snuba Rig, Honda Motor and Air compressor with inner tube mount, 2 - 40' hoses, 2 regulators
9/6/1996 Night Scope
9/6/1996 Sea of Cortez chart chip for Garmin 210 GPS
9/6/1996 Spare primary heat exchanger for engine
9/6/1996 Light air vane for Monitor Wind Vane
9/6/1996 Spares for Autoprop
9/6/1996 Jerry jugs, 4 for diesel, 2 for gasoline
9/6/1996 Adaptor for electrical dock connections
9/6/1996 Fishing licenses, lures, and spare 30# test line
10/1/1996 Vacated apartment on Crestwood Drive, Moved on Spirit full time, Mail service P.O. Box 1000, Knightsen, CA 94548
10/6/1996 Left the dock and headed out the Golden Gate Bridge, turned left. Much more shopping in Sept. prior to leaving:
Zodiac end fittings for pump
Through hull wooden plugs
Water strainer
100' spare main halyard
75' spare mizzen halyard
Wheels from dock line roller
2 gal. Lantern oil
4 quarts SAE 30 oil for V-Drive
30 Wt. Oil for Diesel, 2 gal.
Fish stringer
Speakers for cockpit
100' spring line
6" O-ring
Black paint for Bomar Hatches
White paint for dinghy
5/8' male male connector
Tide Tables
Collision Mat
Batteries for fish finder
Running lights for dinghy
7/8" rubber cane tips for swim ladder
12 pencil zincs
AC wire
Windproof matches
Spare batons for main, 4 #8, mizzen 4 - 3/4" flat
Kayak Paddles
Spare hose clamps
Bio Bore and Diesel Fuel treatment
1 Gallon Acetone
Fishing books
Flags, American, Mexican, Quarantine
Fish grill
Stove top toaster
Wash board
Spare circuit breakers
Drill bit set
Lumber for Cindy board
2-1/2" hole saw
Rheostat volume control
Zip ties
Gasket Material
Extension Cord
Big pair of scissors
Spare bulb for Makita Flashlight
Paint and epoxy for Cindy board
Speaker jacks, male and female
Torx wrenches, #6 and #8
Masking Tape
Decon Roach Bombs
Egg Timer
Cheese Grater
Hand cleaner
Rechargeable D and C batteries
New wash down hose
15 copies of Vessel documentation, passports, and fishing licenses
Lantern wicks
Spare strobe light bulb
Black wheels for dock line fairleads
Biocide for water maker
Dinghy lock
Shaft zincs
Spare ignition switch
Luff tape
Underwater dive flashlight
Several pair of blue blocker sun glasses
Keyboard for the Macintosh computer
10/6/1996 First day out the gate, the transmission and throttle cable give up the ghost. We get towed into Princeton Harbor by harbormaster
Got introduced to Dillman Benton's Mobile Marine
10/7/1996 Pull Transmission, sublet the repair / rebuild to Sea Power including drop off and pickup
10/8/1996 * At this point, I can start adding links to the first web log:  http://www.searspirit.com/bigadventure1/10-8-96.html
10/9/1996 Cleaned up Trans Oil Cooler, installed transmission and cooler. Too late to run engine
10/10/1996 Finished hook up on genset, shafts, linkage, hoses. Discovered broken shift cable, customer to order new, Ran engine, checked leakage
10/11/1996 Installed new cables, disassembled binnacle, found shift bracket not workable. Customer to have one fabricated
10/11/2006 Returned from HMB, finished fabrication in installed new shift and throttle cables, adjusted shift and new Edson binnacle and control levers
Adjusted steering cables, reseated w/p hose.
Customer bought new fuel fittings and hose for future use
10/12/1996 Finished up, paid by check, $1,251.17
10/12/1996 Underway again, to an end tie for the evening in Santa Cruz harbor. We get T boned by a drunken sailor coming in after dark
This was cause for another 2 week delay while Homer Lighthall made repairs to the damaged teak and fiberglass, port bow
10/17/1996 * http://www.searspirit.com/bigadventure1/10-17-96.html
10/18/1996 Monterey Bay Marine serviced V Drive (including screwing in a zinc pencil into one of the plug / chambers) and helped me install a new Shaftloc shaft brake
11/4/1996 Bedded water cooling chamber in V-Drive with Marine Tex, then Aluminum epoxy after cleaning out that crap that develops after 15 years of mixing sea water with iron without a sacraficial zinc
San Diego Had the running back stays on main recut to proper length
La Paz Rigged main boom preventer system with lines leading to the cockpit
Upgraded the alternator to a 134 amp double pulley
Had 104 Amp alternator rebuilt (new diodes and winding) and added double pulley to be the spare
Replaced sanitation hose from head to outlet
Had all bungs in teak replaced. This job included replacing the round head screws used in the starboard forward quarter of toe rail.
Puerto Escondido Added additional depth sounder, the kind that sounds through the hull
San Carlos Epoxy bottom job on hull
Interior varnish, Interlux Satin Rubbed Effect (trim in galley is same but not stirred so it is glossy.
7/2/1999 Sprit returns to bay area on a truck
11/23/2002 We moved back on Spirit as liveaboards
7/99 - 04 Added teak box mounted on wall in Nav Station
Added teak kleenix holder in aft stateroom
04/?/02 Painted the inside of the interior hatches
Mounted cedar on the bulkheads in the center and forward hanging lockers
Oct-02 Replaced Adler Barber SuperCold Refrigerator
08/?/05 Replaced Propane Grill with larger one
Added shelf for computer monitor, starboard main salon
Replaced microwave with a larger one
Added convection, 6 slice toaster oven
Replaced all of the large hella fans with the new 5000 hour white model, fore and aft berth, port and starboard bulkhead in main salon
Installed 12 volt light in forward hanging locker
Replaced 1500 watt inverter and added wall mount switch panel
Added new light in the nav station
Had outboard motor rebuilt
New cover for outboard motor
Replaced solar vent for engine compartment with stainless model
Had a one piece lexan window replacement for companionway entrance boards made
Replaced cushion on nav station seat
2005 Added track lighting in main salon
Installed a Raritan Lectra/San waste treatment system
Installed a 23" Sony HD LCD Television - WOW!
Installed a teak wine glass holder in galley over sink
1/22/2006 Replaced the Gel Starter Battery
1/24/2006 Upgraded to a much larger dehumidifier - WOW!
1/26/2006 Replaced the shower sump pump
2/15/2006 Replaced propane tank
3/5/2006 Replaced Raritan Hot Water Heater (after waking up to a flashing red automatic bilge pump light - city water
3/5/2006 Changed engine zinc
3/18/2006 Hauled out, bottom paint - 2 coats (2-1/2 gallons) Pettit Trinidad Red
Had fixed prop reinstalled 
Replaced masthead tri-color navigation light fixture
New light bulbs in all 4 spreader lights
New steaming light
3/26/2006 Replaced Aluminum propane tank for grill with new one with overfill protection valve
3/27/2006 Added extension power cord for separate AC circuit (through anchor locker bulkhead)
5/14/2006 Changed oil filter, and Fram, Raycor, and Westerbeak fuel filters
8/1/2006 Began bright work with Lewis of Y and Y 
Cetol, 2 coats on exterior teak, including sanding before coats
Deck and hull, wet sand, rub and polish, wax
Stainless polished
Painted aluminum port lights, exterior
Painted aluminum hatches
Dock box, replaced tops with 3/4" plywood and painted
9/10/2006 Lubricated Bimini zippers
10/22/2006 Dove on bottom, put 2 new zincs on prop shaft, cleaned hull
1/29/2007 Repaired head (for the moment) Added an additional O Ring underneath the plastic ring around the plunger
3/31/2007 Installed new electric head, the Raritan PHE-II. It easily converts to manual operation.
This required replacing the base under the heat. I had a new one made at
H and H Cabinets on 8th street in Oakland for $260.
The old base was shot, so this got rid of the ugliest thing on the boat.
There is a 25 amp fuse in the positive line near the terminal strip.
11/1/2007 The halogen light fixtures I installed in the main salon aren't holding up. 
I ordered 3 new fixtures that take 12 volt light bulbs, the kind with 120 volt sockets in a house.
I replaced the dead starboard mid fixture, and for now put the 2 extra fixtures in the forward
starboard hatch above the settee.
West Marine #255935   Cabin Lights - Bulkhead Lamp (40W), $34.99 each plus 3 20 Watt bulbs
12/1/2007 Replaced the Seagull IV cartridge, part number 788150 and ordered a replacement
800-441-8166, General Ecology, Inc.
12/28/2007 Replaced the Lectra/San's motor. Salt had gotten through the shaft seal and eventually destroyed the motor.
Also replaced the shaft seal.
9/21/2008 Replaced the faucet in the galley. This involved learning how to remove the sink.
9/25/2008 Replaced the DVD player with a thinner model. It's thin enough to fit in the TV compartment.
This freed up space in the forward hatch the old one used to be in. Now we don't have to aim
the remote control at the mast to ricochet the signal forward.
9/28/2008 Replaced the Lectra/San with the new Electro/Scan model. Serial number ES0004810708.
Remember to unscrew the discharge hose fitting, don't try to get the hose off the barb.
12/4/2008 Had the Refrigerator charged. The evaporator on the Adler Barbour Super Cold Machine
was only frosting up on one side. It required 2-3 oz of refrigerant. No leaks were detected,
John Poole, 510-523-3495 used a high tech sniffer. It's possible when I poured hot water down
the sides to defrost it quicker, some expansion of some joint occurred causing the leak.
It's working normally now.
9/30/2009 Had the refrigerator charged again by Anderson Refrigeration (recommended by Rick, turns
out to be John Poole's partner.) He couldn't find a leak either, topped off the charge a little bit.
As of 1/3/2010, still working normally. Air bubble?
12/12/2009 Replaced shower sump. There were too many things suspect with the old one. The new
one no longer has the float switch design.
5/28/2010 Spirit got hauled out for a bottom paint job. We had the stuffing box repacked as well.
Took Spirit to Grand Marina on 5/23/10, got hauled on 5/24/10, splashed on 5/28/10.
Then back to Marina Village on 5/29/10. Two nights on board in Grand Marina.
5/30/2010 Replaced the broken down old Cybernet Stereo with a new Sony AM/FM/CD/MP3 with
 aux input for ipod or computer. Model CDX-M10
6/10/2010 Had the refrigeration system fixed this time. Neil Calvert of All-Marine Electronics & Electrical
Systems did a fantastic job. He's a marine electrician that knows Adler Barbour Cold
Machines from working on his own boat. He put a pressure gage on the suction (top)
It was drawing more vacuum than it should have - should not have gone into a vacuum
state, below 0. Then he put a gage on the pressure side - too much. It should not
have read above 120 psi or so, it was over 150. Both data points indicated blockage
likely where the refrigerant either evaporates or condenses. Here is the statement on the
Troubleshot supercold machine refrigeration system. Found loose fitting at pressure side
fill port. Tightened fitting. Pumped down, and recharged system. All check ok now.
Fully charged - All Check OK. Refrigerant R-134A - 12oz. Labor = 5 @ 60.
Awesome work Neil! - Steve Sears
8/1/2010 Replaced the 2 4D Gel House batteries with Rick's. He switched to AGMs. One is
10 years old, the other is 2 years old. I believe we put the newer one in the outer
box. I let the 16 year old gels we took out sit on the dock, then measured the
voltage 6 weeks later. 12.98 and 13.02. ????
10/2/2010 Well, the refrigerator stopped cooling 2 days later. Neil spent the summer debugging
it while we were away. The problem turned out to be a pin hole corrosion leak in the
evaporator. Replaced the evaporator. It's been working now for the past 4 days.
12/26/2010 Replaced Seagull water purifier cartridge
Replaced hinges on V-berth door
11/30/2011 Replaced light in nav station with LED strip, white rectangular switch visible up and under switchpanel
Replaced toilet paper holder
4/24/2012 Replaced Electrode in Electra Scan, works like new
Replaced Whale Gusher Galley Pump, MK3
Replaced Magma Grill burner
Replaced Head seal, Raratan PHE-II, part #1214-A