Spirit's Log book from purchase to turning left out of the Golden Gate Bridge
A companion document exists, years 1992 - 1996 of Spirit's maintenance and enhancement log
1/5/1992 Trip from Sausalito bringing Spirit to Brisbane
Dave and Marcy Albert, Lewis and Barbara Knapp, Jim Callan,
Bernie Battaglin, Doug Chandler, Charlie Belsky
1/11/1992 Beer Can Race with Spinnaker
Tom Wagen, Dave Mills
1/18/1992 Pancake Breakfast
Larry and MaryAnn Dulmage
1/19/1992 Sea Trials
Lewis, Barbara, and Lewis Knapp, Jim and Jo Callan
2/1-2/92 Dire Straits concert, didn't leave slip.
Pancake and Champaign Brunch on Sunday
Jim and Jo Callan
2/8/1992 Beer Can Race, beat Dave Mills' 424 twice. Tested anchor
Jim and Jo Callan, Lewis Knapp, Charlie Belsky, Doug Chandler, Ron ?
2/23/1992 Spinnaker Practice
Lewis and Barbara Knapp, Doug Chandler and Teresa
3/1/1992 Met JO, Paula, and Pardner from Erik wooden Ketch, Viking in Marina
3/14-15/92 Attended John Neil and Barbara Merritt's Offshore Cruising Seminar
3/21/1992 Daysail with Lewis and Barbara Knapp
3/28/1992 Took excess gear from Moonshot we couldn't use on Spirit to Pacific
Marine Exchange consignment store
The only mistake was the mirror, would have been nice mounted on back of aft cabin door
Ended up taking back the 25# CQR anchor and selling it to Mike Davis directly
3/29/1992 We sailed with JO on Viking, he demonstrated his mizzen stay sail
4/4/1992 Steve Herbert visits
4/5/1992 Richard Schweiger visits
(the man with the Golden Gate Bridge tattooed on his chest, from dock 5)
4/10/1992 Beer Can Race, 7th of 17
Jim and Jo Callan
Doug Chandler & Teresa (later to become Teresa Chandler)
5/2-3/92 Anchored in Richardson Bay
1st time off dock with just the 2 of us, 1st overnight Anchor
Other boats from SPYC in the anchorage
Traveler (Larry and MaryAnn), Del Cielo rafted with Spirit (Jeff and Jane Eastman),
Renegade (Keith and Marie)
5/8/1992 Beer Can Race, 9th of 19
Doug Chandler and Lewis Knapp
5/9-10/92 Anchor in Clipper Cove
Salvage Dingy on Sunday, "Tendered Spirit"
Lewis Knapp
5/15-17/92 Worked on Boat in prep for upcoming Drakes Bay cruise
Met Elaine and Peter Hecker from Power boat 50/50 with the 3 paraquete
Len, our old neighbor from dock 5 with the Erickson 32 stopped by
5/22-25/92 Drakes Bay Cruise with the Hans Christian group
Jim and Jo Callan, Lewis and Barbara Knapp
3 Time is the charm
The halibut that got away
Rock Crab feast
Beach Party
Great Run
Sea Lion chased me
Lewis takes home the 2 hp Suzuki engine and Anchor Light
Shaft Brake malfunctions on way in
Friday night anchored in Richardson Bay, we watched a sailboat catch on fire and burn up
5/25 9:50 to 2:20 Drakes Bay to Golden Gate Bridge, 4:20 at the Brisbane channel entrance
5/29/1992 Steve does prep for varnish
5/30/1992 Lewis and Barb help varnish
5/31/1992 Jim and Jo help varnish
6/6-7/92 Spent the weekend at the Albert Institute. Initiate plan to get a much larger
sailboat to charter. Monday, found a 51' Tri - Esprit
6/12/1992 Beer Can Race, Bernie, Craig, Shelia, Doug, & Teresa
6/13-14/92 Landed on nose and in the hospital. San in Spirit and watched movies on TV
6/20-22/92 Weekend at home, Steve's Birthday
6/27/1992 Doug and Teresa, Great Day Sail
6/30/1992 Worked on projects
7/1/1992 Afternoon sail around Treasure Island with Lucid folks, end of fiscal year.
Erik Gilbert, Jay Mellman, Keith Thesing, Dan Cronin, Martin Mikelsons,
Bill York, Ted Gilcrest, Robert Mey
7/2/1992 Steve started scraping toe and rub rail. Steve met Trina, asked for quote to do varnish work
7/4-5/92 Jim and Joanne Callan, Anchored in Sausalito. Drift fished from dinghy, no luck.
Converged on Traveler with Renegade and Dancing Dragon. Suzuki dinghy motor
worked the entire weekend. Hard to start. Engine difficulties pointing at fuel filters.
Fireworks off Chrissie Field
7/3/1992 Steve and Marsha. Fireworks off Candlestick Park
7/11-12/92 Steve in Michigan
7/18/1992 Engine work
7/19/1992 Redesigned holding tank system
7/24/1992 Met Steve Cunningham at Yacht Club
7/25/1992 Improved holding tank design
7/26/1992 Jim and Jo Callan. Ed Callan and Fiancé, Liz.
Daysail, engine worked great, shaft brake worked fine. Domino 9's
8/1-2/92 Spinnaker Yacht Club cruise out. Doug and Teresa. Spinnaker run over
8/8-9/92 Work weekend in marina
8/14/1992 August beer can race. Charlie, Doug, Teresa, Jim, Joanne.
DNF - 2 of 11 finished, light wind
8/15/1992 Redid thermostat install due to leak
8/16/1992 Made changes to jib downhaul
8/23/1992 Steve and Marsha at anchor, Treasure Island, Clipper Cove
8/25/1992 Tuesday night beer can race with Lucid crew. Brad, Jay, Ted, Cameron, Bob
3rd over line (of about 16)
8/28/1992 Jimmy Buffet Concert, Knapps, Callans, Alberts
8/29-30/92 Work Weekend
Doug and Teresa for dinner in Marina. Discussed several day offshore cruise
9/12-13/92 Marsha worked on boat, Steve spent the weekend in Flint.
9/26-27/1992 Work Day, Daysail to test autopilot. Jim and Jo Callan
Lewis and Barb Knap. Discussed Key West Charter
10/3-4/92 Angel Island raft up with SPYC. Our raft up was with The Catch,
Pez Vela and Kona. Nothing Broke
10/10-11/92 Marsha and I, Clipper Cove, beautiful sunset and full moon. Great fun.
Saturday, new bridge finally feels normal (I'm assuming I'm talking about my mouth here)
10/14/1992 Notable date, evening has turned cooler, potential end of Indian Summer
10-15-20/92 Tomalas Bay Trip, See Log additions on following page *
10/23-26/92 4 nights in Cupertino
10/26/1992 Steve works from Spirit
10/24-25/92 Normal weekend in the marina. Friday night at the club, Larry and Maryanne,
Dave and Colleen, Doug and Diane, John / Steve from Kona, Jerry and Amber,
(Koderle sp?) they are leaving tomorrow, etc. John Stein.
Saturday work on galley sink, projects.
Saturday night BBQ at the club. Marsha made potato leak clam soup.
Sunday, more projects, talk to various boaters. 5 mile run. Marsha made scones.
Peter and Elaine from 50/50 stopped by for cocktail hour. Marsha walked.
Marsha cleaned mildew out of locking seat (sp?)
10/15-19/92 Link to Offshore Plan
This is pretty amazing plan we put together in advance of spending a night
offshore on our way up to Tamalas Bay for a few days
Once it got dark, Teresa started feeling a little sea sick, and that was
enough to cause us to revise our plan. We ended up making our way
to Drakes Bay in the Dark. This turned out to be a good test of Spirit's
Radar. Doug did most of the reading the screen in the nav station below
and calling up instructions to the helm, all the way into the anchorage.
We had a great time in Tamalas Bay, we flew the spinnaker down the channel
 until we found the other boats we were joining, Traveler, Sheba Star, and Defiance.
10/31/1992 Halloween Party @ club
Visit with 50/50 on the way up
Jerry the catfish farmer joins us
11/1/1992 Lazy day in the marina
Helped Dean cut chain
Helped Jerry go up mast
Broke bit on impact wrench
11/7-8/1992 Anchored in Sausalito with Traveler, Defiance, and 50/50
Fullish moon, great night
Tides favorable Saturday, opposite Sunday
2 hr. 15 min. from dock to anchor
Good sailing on Saturday as a sloop
11/14-15/1992 Work Weekend
11/21/1992 Worked on Marsha's Van in Marina parking lot
Changed air filter
Jim, Jo, and Barbara for a live crab dinner in Marina
11/26-30/1992 Thur. Anchored in Clipper Cove on TI
Thanksgiving dinner on Traveler with Larry and Maryanne Dulmage
and Peter and Elaine from 50/50
Fri. Cleaned inside with pinesol, every inch
Served catfish chowder for lunch
Served standing rib for 8, Bill and Linda Madru from Defiance joined
Cooked rib on the new Force 10 grill
Should have had it in a pan?
Sat. Engine wouldn’t start after 2 days, one on house battery one, one on
house battery two. Solar panel finally got juice enough in bats to start.
Resolved to rig starter battery system
Pork and Sauerkraut dinner on 50/50
Sun. Returned home with a cold
12/4/1992 Marsha starts new job at Blyth
12/18/1992 Stayed overnight in marina after Marsha's new company's holiday party
Met Don Oestreicher, Marsha's new boss
12/20/1992 Ran 11-1/2 miles, 100 minutes, 13.42 seconds
12/26-27/1992 Jim and Jo Callan overnight at Pier 39
Cold water line in head sink came undone draining the port water tank
into the bilge
Dinner Saturday night at Pompei's Grotto 
Plan to race winter series, 2nd Saturdays, Jan - March.
Install Starter Battery with Eliminator system
12/31/1992 New Year's Eve Party at the club after dinner at Charlie Brown's
Drinks afterwards with Peter and Elaine on Spirit
1/1/1993 Drop Marsha off at SFO for a flight to London
1/9-10/93 Winter race, 4th of 6 monohulls
Tom Wagen and Doug Chandler
1/11/1993 Steve's Father Died, 5:30 am Eastern Standard Time at 74
1/14/1993 Dad's Funeral
1/16/1993 Back on the boat from Michigan
1/22-29/93 Steve in Tokyo
1/29-31/93 Work weekend on Spirit
2/6/1993 Doug and Diane's going away party, Bill Sullivan's (sp?) Birthday Party
2/13/1993 Feb. Beer Can Race. DNF
Jim and Jo Callan, Lewis and Barbara Knapp
Great day. Tore spinnaker dousing sock
Sail trimming in light air was a problem
Read up on sail trimming technical information
2/14/1993 Work day - Heart icon
2/24-28/1992 Work Days
3/6-7/1993 Work Days, Doug and Teresa for dinner
3/13/1993 March race
Dave and Marcy Albert
Jim and Jo Callan, Doug Chandler
We beat sister ship "Take It Easy"
3/14/1993 Party at Doug and Teresa's house
3/18/1993 More electrical system debugging
3/19/1939 Spoke with Larry at Ample Power
Final debugging yielded answer, TB1-7, power, was hooked up to the
wrong contact on ignition
3/20/1993 WE helped Mark and Pam of the vessel Rachel serve as committee
boat for the final SBYRA winter race
3/21/1993 Ran with Teddy and Molly in Golden Gate Park
3/27/1993 Helped with San Leandro and Peninsula Yacht Clubs cruise in
3/28/1993 Work day
4/3-4/1993 Work Weekend
Visitors Friday night: Ken and Melanie from Endeavour, Pam and Mark
from Rachel/Zilla, Elaine from 50/50. Mike Davis slept on Spirit Saturday night
4/8-11/1993 Thur. Work day. Put 1st coat of teak sealer on toe and rub rails, and
polished boot stripe
Fri. Sailed to Sausalito against the tide, 12:00 - 4:15
Friday night dinner for 12 on Spirit
Lewis, Lewis Jr., and Barbara Knapp and Vickie on Charter vessel Bre III
Larry and Maryanne Dulmage, Mark and Pam Thomas
Elaine and Peter Hecker
Sat. Cooked fresh ham, listened to double handed Faralon Islands race
read books. Dinner on Traveler: Thatchers, Mike Davis and John of Kona
join in. John Stein and PJ join later, on The Catch.
Sun. morning brunch on The Catch
Dave Mills rafts up just in time.
Race back to Brisbane with Take It Easy
Dave womps us to the city front, we catch up and beat him on the way home
Great sailing day. Moved the traveler. Noticed possible reason engine
appears to be getting harder to start. The glow plugs are taking amps
intermittedly, could be a bad connection somewhere
4/16/1993 Peter and Elaine from 50/50 joined us for dinner, 
introduced us to Jagermeister
4/17/1993 Stormy day, 30 knots from the south in the marina
Spinnaker YC cruise in
4/18/1993 Sunny afternoon. I dove for Larry Dulmage's glasses on dock 1 successfully
Worked on book project most of weekend
4/22-24/1993 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Mahia San Lucas Hotel, Sun Tours
Thur. Check in, warm up snorkel in ocean, drinks by the pool, tour town
dinner at Salidas
Fri. Practice run, 25 minutes on beach / 20 minutes through town
Snorkel at Santa Maria Cove, Lobster dinner at the Trailer Park
Sat. Run 7:47s, 3.1 miles = 5 K, total time 23:09
Skin Diving, snorkeling at Lois Beach, Lunch at a local place
Evening sunset sail, booze cruise off point. Dinner at the Shrimp Bucket
Sun. 9 minute run on beach, breakfast at hotel, lunch at the Giggling Marlin
All the hassle of getting there, all the anticipation, 7 days would be better
Then we could also have gone fishing and scuba diving
5/1/1993 Marsha heads to London
5/3/1993 Steve heads to Palma de Mallorca, Spain with Peter Hecker's boondoggle
5/8/1993 Marsha returns from London
5/11/1993 Steve returns from Europe
5/14/1993 Steve and Marsha run race off of Margin Call
5/15-16/1993 SPYC Cruise out to Sausalito Cruising Club, tour of bay model
Great sail back, Mizzen stitching came out, mizzen halyard stuck
need to go up
5/22/1992 Work day: Experiment with Mast Mate
5/23/1993 Tim Gaun and Debbie Dean, Doug and Teresa for a day sail
5/28-30/1993 Half Moon Bay trip, Lewis Knapp, Jim Callan, Jo as of 5/29
5 hour spinnaker run back, including city front, Barcos, Barcos, Barcos
Trolled fishing line, no luck. Take it easy rammed into and destroyed Marker 1
6/5-6/1993 Work weekend, dinner with JO and Paula O'Banon on Sunday
(Pardner too)
6/12-13/93 Anchored at Clipper Cove, sloop sail, worked on boat
Installed GPS, rubbed out rails on topside
Mike Davis and PJ, Ken and Melanie with son Ryan stopped by for a drink
6/17/1993 Sails / Sales meeting with people from work (Lucid Inc.)
Simon Clephan, Laurie Aguire, Ron Avilas, Shirda Bowman, John Novak,
John Burdaken, Robert Mey, Eric Gilbert, John Dearmon, Beverly Godfrey
6/19-20/1993 San Leandro weekend, topped off diesel fuel
Jim and Jo Callan, Spinnaker run there, dinner at Horatios
Breakfast at El Toritos, beat back home
6/24-27/1993 Work weekend
7/2-9/1993 Steve in Tokyo
7/11-18/1993 Steve in Wash DC and Flint, Marsha in England
7/24-25/1993 Clipper Cove anchor out, 50/50 was there
had to clear seawater intake for engine cooling water while underway
11/20/1993 Day sail with Tom Wagen
11/24-28/94 Marsha in England, Steve in Tokyo
Steve closes big deal with INS, flies home, then flies to Europe
to spend Marsha's birthday and Thanksgiving with Marsha in Paris
12/23/93-1/1/94 Sail up to San Francisco for a 10 day stay in the city, gained 5 pounds
5/13-6/26/94 Hauled out in Anderson's Marina, major work, new rigging, paint spars, more
7/16-17/1994 Clipper Cove, Steve and Marsha
8/6/1994 Day sail with work people
Mizuno and Mina from INS, Stig (Jonathan Stigleman) Jerry Schwartz
9/3-5/94 Cruise to Half Moon Bay, Jim and Jo Callan crewed for first day
Boarded by Coast Guard on our way into HMB
Steve and Sheila Tomas from the cutter rigged Pearson 424 Ziba joined us
shortly after anchoring, and for dinner, and the next evening as well
fun couple. Radar and GPS worked great. Inflatable and 6 HP Johnson
worked well. Fish finder worked well for Jim's rock fish
9/17-18/94 Lewis and Barbara Knapp, anchored overnight across from the Taj Mahal
boat in Richardson Bay
10/9/1994 Mizuno, Ogata, Hiakawa, Sato, Sitoki, Stig for and INS sail
Good day for the spinnaker, Stig went wild with the squirt guns
It made me think I need 2 new larger ones
10/23/1994 Day sail with Larry and Laurie Dean and Gail and Harry Griffin (neighbors)
10/29-30/1993 Jim and Jo Callan anchored overnight at Richardson Bay
Spinnaker run
2/4/1995 Winter Race with Lewis and Lewis jr, and Vicky
2/18/1995 Moved out of Brisbane Marina, motored to Sausalito
2/19/1995 5 hour trip to Half Moon Bay, under gate at 9:00
temporarily in slip C-28, soon to move to B-16 in Half Moon Bay marina
3/1/1995 Spirit moved to slip B-16
3/19/1995 Jim and Jo Callan failed salmon fishing attempt
Seas to rough to get out, confused by storms
Anchored in the harbor, chowder, crab netting
4/22/1995 Tested Cruising Spinnaker. Beautiful conditions, rolley at entrance,
not too bad 3/4 mile out. Cruising spinnaker good to 15 knots,
before white caps. Wind picked up to 22 knots between 3:30 - 4:00
back down to 15 knots at 4:30. Anchored in the harbor
4/23/1995 Used mast mate to go to main spreader to fix burgee halyard and
spreader light that got beat up by the cruising spinnaker
5/7-8/1995 Work weekend, cleaned and recaulked deck stanchions, replaced bolts
5/12/1995 Qualix Group (new job after Lucid folded. INS deal bought 6 months time
but not enough market opportunity to keep VCs happy, pulled plug)
sales training dinner
Rick Thau, Jean Kovacs, Arlington Glaze, Barbara Coll, Chip Downing,
Mike Siffon, Joe Eckman, Bob Bean, Mark Kappas, Luigi Fuvero,
Ron Steffen. Tried cooking a hole salmon on Force 10 grill, couldn’t get
it hot enough so finished it off in the oven. Fun party.
5/19/1995 Marsha's work party. Nicky Mason, Rob Nelson, Wey Burstein, John Haan
and Virginia, Sameh Tawfik
5/20/1995 Work day
6/18/1995 Daysail with Jim and Jo Callan, shot pictures of Ziba, good sail
Steve got ill on windward leg
7/2/1995 Tom, Kelly, Christen, and Preston Wagen joined us for dinner
Cindy bit one of the boys
7/21/1995 Qualix Party for International Training. Lisa Cadungdug, Vui Le, TK, Chris
Eberhardt, Robert Thai, Francisco _____ (Panama), Peter Castle (S.
Africa), Stephanie Lam and Adrian _________ (Malaysia).
Burgers at the dock. A sea gull flying overhead dropped it's load on Vui
and Stephanie, they later ended up getting married.
7/22/1995 Anchored in HMB harbor, partied with Steve and Sheila Tomas
8/19-20/1995 Dinner on Ziba in HMB harbor, Steve and Sheila Tomas, Sheila's Aunt and
Uncle. Brought shelf unit to storage shed and patio furniture to dock. Got
first offer for home in Cupertino but they backed out at the counter sitting
not liking architectural control of Home Owner's Association
Sunday is the first Open House for townhome in Cupertino
9/17/1995 Moved Spirit from HMB back to the bay, Oyster Point Marina
Great summer on the ocean side
9/26-10/14/1995 Steve in Europe
10/27/1995 22156 Rae Lane, Cupertino sold, gone are the termites:-)
10/29/1995 Test sail of new furling jib. Need more experience docking.
11/18-19/1995 Lewis and Barbara Knapp, and Jim and Jo Callan crashed on Spirit after
Left Handed Sagittarian Wives birthday party
Dave and Marcy Albert, Ed Dunphy (Janet was too sick to make it) and
11/21-26/1995 No boating, house sitting at the Albert Institute
Thanksgiving with Lewis and Barbara, Steve and Sheila Tomas joined
Friday, Steve hurt neck in swimming pool. Dinner with Steve and Sheila,
Jim and Jo Callan, and Dave and Marcy Albert at Café Cruz
12/9/1995 Tom and Kelly Wagen, and Steve and Sheila Tomas visit
Dinner at Mexico Typico
12/17/1995 Ritchie from California Custom Canvas stopped by to measure for
new hard dodger. Met next door neighbor (2 slips), Ward
12/31/1995 Went out for test sail of new sails with Knapps and Callans. They stayed
overnight on 30th after David and Marcy Albert's wedding. Great sail
20 knot winds, almost 70 degrees and sunny
1/19/1996 Attended general meeting at SPYC to hear Jerry and Ann Kadock talk
about their 3-1/2 years of cruising from here to Cypress
1/28/1996 Sailed to the dock of California Custom Canvas in Point Richmond
Ritchie and Judy Breaks
2/1/1996 Steve crewed on JO's Trimaran, Cherokee. Delivered from Delta
across Suisun Bay to Vallejo Marina. Other crew was Greg from
Cyto Culture. Also met Randal, Cyto Culture's proprietor
(the company that first brought Soy Diesel to the bay area boating scene)
2/3/1996 Prime Rib dinner at the hotel MAC, Clos Du Bois Marlstone good red wine
2/10/1996 Still in Point Richmond, probably will be for a couple more weeks.
Worked on Solar Panel Stanchion mounts. Plan to drive to HMB on Sunday
to see Simon and Lori Elphic's boat and drop in on Steve and Sheila
to deliver the Pearson 424 Owner's information
2/16/1996 Richie's Crab Feed at the San Pablo Yacht Club. Everyone was there
2/25/1996 Finished with California Custom Canvas, sailed back to Oyster Point Marina
Attended pig roast party at Ritchie and Judith Breaks' home
Met the owner of Richmond Boat Works
3/2-3/1996 Bedded fiber channels, assembled and fabricated adjustable stanchion
solar panel mounts. Did the initial wiring for solar and wind power
3/9-10/1996 Replaced cockpit drain through aft cabin closet. Installed new battery
charger. Debugging electrical wiring.
3/16-17/1996 Met with Don Melcher of HF Radio and Sara Lynn. Debugged (not finished)
electrical system. Purchased new lines for Main and Mizzen and dipped ends.
Discovered battery #2 is bad
3/23/1996 Moved from Oyster Point Marina back to Brisbane Marina, same phone
number. Worked on taxes.
3/24/1996 Eric and Victoria Gilbert visited to help out. They started the engine sound
proofing project
3/30/1996 Don and Sara Lynn helped us finish the SSB Radio installation
4/6/1996 Anchored in Richardson Bay. Lewis, Barbara, Lewis Jr. Knapp and Vickie
for dinner. They anchored a chartered sailboat near by.
Steve and Sheila Tomas also anchored near by
4/7/1996 Jerry Williams rafted with Surprise
Breakfast on Lewis' boat, Steve forgot eggs in shower
On sail back, jib sheet got wrapped on the prop
Steve dove to get line unwrapped after "Ticket to Ride" Don Melcher's new
boat (ex Kokomo) toed Spirit back to shallow water in the lee of Angel Island
The wind gust once we got past the lee of Angel Island overpowered
the new furling 130% Genoa, we weren’t used to that much sail
4/12-13/1996 Turned boat around with help from marina, Mark Chappell and Joe Tynick
in preparation for Monitor Windvane install. Decided mast steps for the main
was a good idea for the next haulout. Started cleaning out the aft lazerette
Then went to the Albert Institute, met up with Knapps and Callans for
Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Drove back up the coast. Dropped off
50K income tax payment in a mailbox in Half Moon Bay.
4/16/1996 Tom Wagen stopped by for firewall info, sucked 205's on boat.
 Kokomo 2 returned.
4/19/1996 Marsha bought a Windows 95 laptop computer for the Nav Station
We attended the boat show with HF on Board's VIP passes
Don is a true wirehead, we bought a Terminal Node Controller (TNC - sea
going modem) from Don and a 10' Zodiac dinghy from Tim's Zodiac
After lunch in Burlingame at La Pinata with Porky the parrot,
Jane Brodie stated they spent about $1,100 a month cruising and had
way too many gadgets for what they needed. Could have stayed longer
but out of money
SPYC afterwards
4/20/1996 Sold West 8'-6" dingy to the Elphics for $350. Cleaned up and packaged it.
Bought new Schafer Jib Fairleads. Installed other spare winch from Moonshot
as helper for furling line. Lubricated all zippers on cassette cases and jackets
Dipped the ends of the rest of the new rigging lines
4/22/1996 Simon and Lori Elphic picked up the dingy, Cindy Too
4/26-27/1996 Served as duty officers at SPYC (means we were bartenders)
4/28/1996 Jim and Jo Callan, Eric and Victoria Gilbert - Daysail
Tested Stay Sail Stay, Tested Wind Vane
5/2/1996 Opening Day. Work Weekend. Happy hour on Pinasch with
Sandy and Joe Tynick
5/25/1996 Had Spirit's best hank on jib cut to a 95% furling working jib, installed it
Sailed to Clipper Cove to anchor, new working jib worked great
Good SF Bay summer jib
5/26/1996 10:00 pm, woke up by near by boat telling us we were dragging anchor
Re-anchored closer in 30 knots of wind
  Synergy came by; they recognized Spirit from the South Pacific
from about 8 years ago
5/27/1996 Put 1-1/2 turns on lower shrouds. Rigging balanced.
Great dinghy, good sail home
5/30/1996 John Moore of Allied Marine spent 2-1/2 hours on board taking off the
engine's heat exchanger, oil cooler, water pump, starter, and solenoid
to be rebuilt or replaced. This starts the engine up to snuff project
6/1-2/1996 Sorted plan for cassette tapes (music). Sorted engine spares hatch.
Don Melcher of HF on Board stopped by to drop off the TNC and DSP
6/8-9/1996 Worked on engine and headliner projects
Partied on Neener Neener Neener with Jean and Pete Ryan
Brad and Louise Mason of Altaira and PJ and John of Serenity
6/12/1996 Bio Bor diesel fuel 1oz per 40 gallon
Diesel Guard, 1 qt for 250 gallons
Don Shannon of Diesel Fuel Filtering, use both
6/13/1996 Post Tool. Looked for an angled socket, re: John Moore of Allied Marine
6/22-23/1996 Nav Station Work Weekend
6/29-30/1996 Sorted out fuses and light bulbs in the morning, then sailed to anchor at
Clipper Cove. Beautiful warm and windy
Dinner on Pinasch with Joe and Sandy, and Bob and Kim Haworth from
Dancing Dragon
Showed of the new Bimini system back in the marina
7/5-7/1996 Shipping for TV, tools, cam corder case
Moved engine spares and other stuff to the hatch in back of the forward
water tank. Assembled and rigged wind generator
Reniged on Jim and Jo, and Larry and Maryanne, no fireworks for the 4th
Cleaned apartment
7/12/1996 David Shinn Arrives 12:20 am(12th). Orientation on Spirit. Load flea market
stuff in van, tour Brisbane, lunch in Burlingame. Unrigged wind generator.
Gear up for July Bear Can Race. Jim and Lewis as crew, late, missed
start, had fun. Engine seemed to be working well. 1/2 way between 180
degrees and the next mark up.
7/13/1996 Up early, head to Flea Market. Sold a bunch, net $150. Remorse over
selling Moonshot's TV and 30' of 3/8" chain. Oh Well.
Sausalito for lunch, ran into Glen and Jerry Gollihur by Taj Mahal boat
preparing to crew for a 38' Hunter sailboat to Half Moon Bay
Back to boat, cleaned up in prep for a barbeque at SPYC with Dulmages.
Stearns, others. 301 Double in Double out darts and liars dice. David
was good!
7/14/1966 Stowed spare rigging and towing warp, rearranged aft lazerette. David and
I got the bicycles working and rode to the gravel pit in Brisbane.
They stow well on Spirit bungeed to the mast pulpit.
Stowed sea anchor
Lots of harmonic convergence occurring
7/18/1996 Nathan Chappell arrives, plane is late
7/19/1996 David, Nathan and Steve tour Alcatraz Island
7/20-21-1996 Sail to Treasure Island, acquire army blanket, Nathan does donuts
driving the dingy. Sail back to Brisbane, swim in marina - hot day
7/22/1996 Mailed race pack and went to Montera Beach, Nathan spends money
7/23/1996 David flies home
7/24-25/1996 Stocked up on and played with video games with Nathan
7/26/1996 Nathan flies home
7/27-28/1996 Catch up with life. Thermostat and shelf under aft companionway
8/2/1996 Steve off to China, speaking tour of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai,
 Peking, then Bangkock Thailand. Comes back ill after eating snakes
 and pigeons.
8/18/1996 Spirit sails to Richmond Boat Works. Spent time with Ritchie and Judith
Breaks. 10 Idaho Street, Point Richmond.
8/30/1996 Van gets broken into, stereo and my briefcase with Mac laptop stolen.
Marsha's last day of work.
9/1/1996 Back to Brisbane, gave 30 days notice to marina and apartment
9/7-13/1996 Marsha flies to Florida to visit family, last time to see mom.
9/15/1996 Kegger party at dock us going away party, Miller beer because
Anchor Steam wouldn't work. Grilled chicken and hot dogs
Simon and Terry Clephan, Simon and Lori Elphic, Larry and Lorie Dean,
Gail and Harry Griffin, Eric and Victoria Gilbert, Tom and Kelly Wagen,
JO and Paula O'Banon, Gabe Gross and Natasha, Jim and Jo Callan,
Lewis and Barbara Knapp, March Albert, Joy and John Segal, Bill and
Linda Madru, Larry and Maryanne Dulmage, Steve John with wife and
daughter, Rich Evans, Sam and Marilyn Dehaven, Peter Hecker, Ken
from Endeavor, Dave Mills, Diane Nelson, Jane Eastman, Rick Neilson,
Sama Tawfic, Julia and Jim Yeh, and Doug and Teresa Chandler
9/16/1996 Price Club run for 25 boxes of white wine, Stoli, Scotch, etc. to stock
hatches under table and under pans in the galley
9/21/1996 Steve passes ham radio test, No Code Technician
9/28/1996 Sold Marsha's van to Diedra McQuillan's babysitter
9/30/1996 Finished moving out of and cleaning apartment before Michael Cortez
moved in
9/1-30/96 Recorded over 50 movies from Cinemax on video tape
10/1/1996 Steve's last day of work at Qualix, strong finish, Qualix announced HA+
for immediate delivery. Roger Heule is very happy I left, he got my job
9/30-10/4/1996 Reducing, stowing, storing, provisioning
10/3-4-1996 Recoated outside teak with Starbrite Tropical sealer
10/4/1996 Donated Steve's Mazda RX7 to Altzheimers Charity
10/4/1996 Marsha cleaned fridge
10/5/1996 Left the dock at 10:05. The shove off party consisted of Joe and Sandy
Tynick, Brad and Louise Mason, and Keith and Marie of Explorer
Steve drops the new Qualix HA+ datasheet over the starboard
rail as we pass under the Golden Gate Bridge:-)