Update: October 17, 1996

Getting the transmission rebuilt and put back on the engine lead to discovering another problem that had to be dealt with before we could leave Half Moon Bay. As Dillman and I were in transmission test mode, he discovered the shift cable had snapped. This lead to waiting for more parts and more late nights being grease monkeys.

We made friends with the cat from the boat next to ours. Here you see Nutmeg with our dog Cindy trying to figure out if there is anything they can do to help get the boat fixed. We were afraid Nutmeg would be a stowaway and we would have to find some kitty litter. Cindy did learn an important lesson from the other dogs in the marina, that it was OK to go to the bathroom on the foredeck. Because she had always thought that was a bad thing and wouldn't do it, that was the single most lifestyle thing we were worried about once we are underway.

We really enjoyed our stay in this marina. Many thanks for the help and support (and dinners) from Steve and Shila Tomas of the vessel Ziba and Simon and Lori Elphic of the vessel Native Dancer. Everything finally got put back together so we cast off on Sunday the 13th. With fresh provisions and clean laundry all stowed, we topped off our fuel tank and jerry jugs at the fuel dock and were underway before 9:00 am.

The trip to Santa Cruz harbor was pleasant. We took off motoring in the fog which lifted before lunch. I gained much confidence with the Radar system because of the zero visibility all morning. After a Marie Callender pot pie lunch hot from the oven, we got the sails set for a wing on wing downwind run for the rest of the afternoon. The sea conditions were much better than the trip to HMB, so it was a comfortable ride. I do need to spend some time servicing the primary autopilot though. It keeps forgetting where it is going and starts going in circles.

Well, we were not sure how long we would be here, and around 8:30 as I was sitting in the cockpit enjoying the harbor views and contemplating that question, a 41 ft. Mason charter boat arrives from a day on Monterey Bay. I witnessed the inexperienced skipper make the turn into the E dock channel too late. He could not find reverse and drove his boat at full tilt right into the bow of SPIRIT. His anchor punched a couple of holes in our fiberglass and shattered two feet of teak toe rail. Everybody on the dock heard the accident and came out to see it. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Homer Lighthall is unanimously from many referrals, the best fiberglass repair man in the area. He answered my question by saying the repair work will take about a week. This means we probably will not get underway again until next Tuesday and will most likely miss the Baha HAHA rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.

We got tied up to the end of E dock at 5:00 PM, next to two boats from our yacht club in Brisbane, the Sierra Point Yacht Club. Pete and Jean Ryan on Neener Neener Neener and Brad and Louise Mason on Altaira cast off on Tuesday morning, heading for Monterey.

So, this week will be more work on the boat while we enjoy the cooling weather in Santa Cruz Harbor. Fortunately, we have friends here. Dave and Marcy Albert have loaned us a car. Jim and Joanne Callan and Lewis and Barbara Knapp are planning on meeting us for dinner tomorrow.

One sensation we are starting to experience is that everyday feels like Saturday.

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