Update: October 27, 1996

Well, we didn't make the start of the BAHA HAHA rally, the damage to SPIRIT has been repaired and we are set to cast off once again tomorrow, after two weeks of being stranded in Santa Cruz Harbor. Homer Lighthall did a spectacular job with the fiberglass and teak repair. Cristy Albright did a wonderful job with the new letters. This is me putting the finishing touch on the teak toe rail.

Homer finished Friday the 25th at about 5:00 pm. We couldn't leave the next day because of gale warnings on the ocean and 20' seas. This gave us the great opportunity to attend the wedding of Lewis and Vickie Knapp. The wedding was the most tear jerker I've ever been to, then the reception that followed was a great party. The following are a few glimpses of the festivities:

The bride and groom.

Parents of the groom.

Friends Dave and Marcy Albert and Jim and Joanne Callan with Marsha.

Fogerty Winery where the most excellent reception was held.

Macarena dancing as the afternoon progressed.

Special thanks to Joy Free and John Siegel, whom we partied with and were guest of to enjoy the end of the Santa Cruz Wednesday Night Take it Light Beer Can Race Season party at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club, and to Larry and Mary Ann Dulmage, friends from Sierra Point Yacht Club who visited us because they knew where we were because of this web page, and to Marc Kraft of Pacific Yachting who did all of the right things to make dealing with the insurance issues no problem.

Tomorrow we cast off around 10:00 am. Our destination is either Monterey harbor, Stillwater Cove, or if the conditions are right, we may pull the overnighter to get to Morro Bay. Stay tuned...

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