October 8, 1996 Update:

Getting the apartment closed down, getting rid of the cars, and getting everything we wanted to take with us stowed on the boat took more time than we anticipated. We finally were able to cast off on Saturday morning on the 5th at 10:05 am. With the assistance of the new self pitching Autoprop and traveling with an ebb tide, we made it under the Golden Gate Bridge from Brisbane in 1 hour and 50 minutes, which was great time.

SPIRIT's first destination was the anchorage in Half Moon Bay. We made good time in the afternoon with a combination of sailing, motor sailing, and motoring making it to within sight of Pillar Point when the first problem occurred. All of the sudden, after Marsha heard a ploing noise from the engine housing, we started loosing speed from the engine. Finally we determined we were getting no forward motion assist at all. The behavior was as if the propeller had fallen off. While we were running tests and contemplating our next step, the fog rolled in providing zero visibility. We hailed the Pillar Point Marina harbormaster and they were very kind to come out to the red and white marker buoy we were sailing around and give us a tow into their docks, FOR FREE. Many Thanks!!

The next day I started running more test and determined we had a transmission problem. The harbormaster referred me to Dillman Benton's Mobile Marine service for a mechanic. Dillman got the transmission off and delivered it to Sea Power in Oakland on Monday. I dove on the prop to make sure it had not been damaged to find it was OK. Today's report is the transmission should be rebuilt by tomorrow. That means Thursday for the reinstall. This leaves us with a tentative cast off time from HMB of Friday morning.

We feel lucky this happened here vs. some place out of the country. We spent 6 months berthed in this marina last year, so we have friends here and know our way around. Fresh seafood, produce, and marine supplies are within walking distance. So far, every day has been sunny and warm. The time has given us the chance to catch up on the boat list of things we wish we would have gotten to before we left Brisbane.

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