Update: October 31, 1996

Well, we are still in Northern California. We left Santa Cruz around 10:00 am on Monday the 28th (the day we were originally scheduled to be leaving San Diego on the BaHAHA rally). We had not made the final decision on our destination on this leg of the journey, Monterey, Stillwater Cove, or keep on going overnight. The weather made the decision for us a few hours later as an unforecasted southerly picked up. The new forecast stated rain was on it's way. We didn't want to travel in the rain into a southerly and Stillwater cove is not a good place to be in a southerly, so the remaining choice was to beat our way to Monterey Harbor.

The winds picked up to 30 knots before we made it across Monterey Bay. the sea conditions were about 6 feet and very choppy, so we got tossed a bit but nothing broke. The harbormaster has us tied up to the guest dock at the end of Fisherman's Wharf. It's in the outer harbor side so we are experiencing some swell. There was a fish kill here, the first since 1917. Sea Lions chased a large school of sardines into shallow water where there was not enough oxygen in the water for that many fish to breath. So far, the city of Monterey has sucked out over 30 tons of fish. The fish are everywhere, the water is oily from the decomposing fish. There are seagulls, pelicans, sea lions and sea otters everywhere having a feast.

We plan to cast off once again tomorrow morning around 5:30 am. This should give us time to get around Point Sur by noon to avoid the rougher afternoon conditions. We will be under way for at least 26 hours if we can make it into Morro Bay. If not, it will take a few more hours to get around to the harbor in San Louis Obispo.

There is a video rental store nearby, we've watched Apollo 13, The Net, Twister, Two if by Sea, and topped it off with White Squall. We are right on Fisherman's Wharf so Marsha made a great Cioppino dinner last night. We've had a couple of great chowder lunches. Not a bad place to be stranded but it's soggy. Thanks again Lewis for bringing us back the heater:-)

Happy Holloween!!

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