11/16/2007: Breezy's new roof has been completed, here are some photos from the job site. It looks like the bird feeder needs to be filled:-)

11/14/2007: We finally had a break in the weather yesterday. I spoke with our roofer, George Weber mid day, he expected to be finished with Breezy's new roof by the end of the day. I have a couple of mid day photos from Tom, and expect more photos coming soon. It looks like the trees are getting pretty bare.



11/6/2007: The dumpster gets delivered today, but now maybe the weather will cooperate on Thursday, though the Yahoo weather forecast doesn't say so. We get the dumpster for 14 days, and all we need is a 2 day window with no rain during the week. The tarp looks like its holding.


We sold a lot in AZ to pay for the new roof, this is the one we sold. It is the 2+ acres between the intersection sign, the fence to the back, and goes up to the property with the cabin and RV on it. The folks with the cabin and RV bought it so they wouldn't feel guilty about driving over our lot to get to theirs during the rainy season.

10/28/2007: Closed yet? No, the seller hasn't figured out how to complete the paperwork yet. Makes you think something funny must be going on??? We already bought the roof!!!


Tom and Emily Borton, the real estate brokers representing us have been doing an excellent job. They sent us these roof samples of forest green and barkwood. We decided to go with Weatheredwood to be more neutral. When the seller's divorced husband figures out what the yellow sticky with the word "Notarize" means and sends the signed paperwork back, we can have George put it on the house.

10/11/2007: Closing is scheduled for on or before the 25th but it will likely take until then for the seller to get back from vacation then move their possessions out. So we can't have the roof done until it closes. We had a roofer put a tarp up for the meantime.



Looks like the leaves are starting to change color:-) Meanwhile, we're getting a nibble on one of the Bridge Canyon Country Estates...

10/4/2007: What do you do with a broken roof?

forest green





Elk. Should last longer than we do:-)

9/302007: Well, the deal's not done yet. The guy that did the inspection asked me, "How long ago did you look at that house? Some shingles have come loose on the roof." A couple of roofers are looking at it...


9/22/2007: They accepted our offer!! Inspection next week!! Photo tour:-)

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For the record, we got the call that our offer had been accepted as written, based on a favorable inspection, on Thursday, September 20, 2007, while Dave and Vicki Howell were visiting.

9/15/2007: We just got back from a visit to Michigan, my niece Heather got married to Derrick, we shopped for a summer retirement home up north, and here are the photos.