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11/26/2008: The fall clean up has been completed. This year involved taking down 6 trees, ash and oak, due to disease that's hitting trees in Michigan. It's sad, but now we have to think about planting new trees this spring. We're thinking about a row of Blue Spruce in along the back, and Red Maple and some kind of fruit tree in the side and front. Here are a few photos of the cleanup.

11/4/2008: George (on the left in the photo below) pointed me to this link, he bagged the coyote in the woods behind Breezy last week. This inadvertently led me to this site that gives you a pretty good idea of the fishing in Houghton Lake this year. Happy election day, don't forget to vote!

9/17/2008: Published 2 new photo albums, Breezy_move-in, and Breezy_surrounding-scenery.

9/16/2008: We arrived back at SFO last Wednesday the 10th, and we feel like we accomplished a lot. I don't know how we would have done it without the help of George Weber. The roof he put on last fall looks great. He had the interior painted before we arrived. He connected us to John Dirette who carpeted the 2 bedrooms, before we arrived. He helped me unload the Penske when we arrived. He replaced the water heater that didn't come back to life, the next day. He replaced the front door that had bad corrosion. He replaced the old rickety wooden ladder to the attic over the garage with a new solid aluminum one. He cleaned out the attic and layed a new floor. And he connected us to John the door guy who replaced the old broken garage door with a new insulated one. And, he replaced the door knob and lock sets. We bought all of the materials, but he guided us to get the right stuff. He let me loose with his air nail gun to rebuild the bed frame. He also helped us make plans for the next phases of the project.


8/28/2008: Quite a bit of work is getting done while we here, I'll post an update soon. We made it safely to MI with the Penske. Here are some photos from the trip.

8/6/2008: The wallpaper stripper was delivered to George yesterday. They don't sell anything like it at Home Depot, it's a liquid concentrate you mix with water. It is Savogran Wallpaper Remover, item 10772, 1 Qt., from The first can took 3 days to ship after I ordered it on 7/21. It got damaged in shipment on the last leg of its UPS ground journey. The replacement can took another 3 days to ship, and arrived yesterday.

The current project is the two bedrooms. Strip the wall paper in the downstairs, then paint both, then George's subcontractor John will replace the carpeting in both. This is all supposed to be completed before we arrive on the 21st, 13 days from now. The paint has already arrived, here's the Home Depot materials list:

Room Paint Brand Paint Color Paint Color Code  Qty
Upstairs/bedroom/office Behr Water Spout 420C-2u 1 Gal
Downstairs bedroom Behr Rejuvenate 410E-3p 1 Gal
All surfaces - Primer Behr White 7305 5 Gal
Living, Dining, & Kitchen walls Glidden 30RR 73/033 3 Gal
Living, Dining, & Kitchen ceiling Glidden White GC3070-1 2 Gal
Living, Kitchen accent color Glidden Coral Cliché OOYY 61/121 1 Gal

For the log, the plumbing and electrical work has already been done, including installing a new dishwasher and water pump for the well. I'll add a page for that phase when I get the final bill from Donn's Electric.

7/24/2008: Added a page for photos with a left column navigation link.

7/21/2008: Copied the roof related content to its own page and linked to it from here. Here is a link to some photos George took recently of Breezy after the spring clean up, and some before shots of the inside. I'm storing this map here for now...


...the Black X is Breezy's location and the Red Lines are groomed snowmobile trails smile. I've just added a section in the links page for Northern Michigan Information.

7/15/2008: Created this page