Steve’s 2004 Collection

This year’s compilation is a bit difficult to describe. The original idea I had for this year stemmed from early stage dementia in a 50 year old brain, playing music to itself prior to waking, early in the morning. I thought if I could capture those melodies over the course of the year it could be interesting. With broadband at my fingertips, I was able to move to the computer and conjure up the song by title or googling on a particular phrase to discover the title – before the day’s thoughts came parading. Early on, as the collection process started producing a growing folder, I started thinking of it as “Coffee Thoughts” because the only discernable thread I could see was me drinking my first cup of coffee as I was listening to each song.

The year started getting busier at work and has continued to do so, sucking off any spare REM sleep to the point that by mid-year I started getting the feeling the CD would end up only half full. About that same time, the summer winds coming through the Gulf of Candlestick were gaining momentum – I’m not sure if that was the cause but one thing led to another and we ended up devising a weekend getaway plan. We moved Harvey the RV to a ranch with dry storage and campsites along the Russian River, in Sonoma County. Up there, about an hour’s drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a great, modern country radio station, 104.9. From that source, a few of the better country hits found their way into this collection, further stirring the brew. Another part of that one thing leading to another was a pass time of buying land on Internet auctions, some in Sonoma, some in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and a bunch in Arizona. That led me to think of another possible title for it, “Land Ho, All Over the Map”.

There is only so much time we can get away these days, likely to yet leave room on the CD, so I recreated a couple of my variety collections from the late 80’s. I found a tool that will combine individual mp3 files into one larger one – useful for recreating playlists. Let me know if you like the collection but would rather have the individual songs, I can reburn the CD. I’ve tried diligently to follow my rule of “No Repeats” from past distributions, but there may be a couple this time because of these variety collections. Sorry about that.

If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you, in fact, own my shareJ  Without further adieu, we are happy, healthy, somewhat content, and wish the same for you. You can turn your player’s shuffle setting on, but you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Please enjoy, “Coffee Thoughts, All Over the Map”.