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"You can't really tell how much fun they had unless you read their log book"

- Dr. Lewis Knapp

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   December 2006


The purpose for this site is to be a web home base for Steve and Marsha's next big adventure. Since that hasn't started yet, I'm just using it as a place to put stuff. Feel free to explore.

What's New...

12/30/2007: Added How to Make a Simple Curry "Anything" to the tips section of recipes, including all of the comments made after it was posted. I tried it with cod fillets.

I read a reprint of the article mentioned in the comments about Turmeric in Curry having health benefits, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. I started looking for ways to include more curry in our diet. I was looking for ways to include more fish too. This recipe is more like a recipe abstract or template for Indian cooking. Including the comments, it's a great primer for Indian cuisine.

12/25/2007: A swarm of these jellyfish inhabited the marina today. Merry Christmas!!!


12/18/2007: We enjoyed a homemade Romanian bread at a friend, Gabe Gross's house last Sunday. He sent me the recipe titled Langos. This is an easier to prepare version than described on Wikipedia, and in the Wikibooks Cookbook We also got to visit our tree while there. We had a live Christmas tree then gave it to Gabe to plant at his house when we moved back on Spirit 5 years ago. It's doing well, though I think the one in front of Breezy is taking over:-)

12/14/2007: I started giving the Recipes Page some structure. Besides the appearance, ordering and new navigation, the only new thing is a Cheese Wine Paring guideline article.

11/28/2007: I've gradually been moving all of my data to DVD's, and I'm currently working on the photo library.

The photo above came from a photo CD we received at the 20th Anniversary of the Sierra Point Yacht Club. Our crew on Moonshot that day is the group now known lovingly to a few as the Left Handed Sagittarian Wives Club. I made 2 photo albums from the disc, the first is a collection from the club's album, the second is from the 20th Anniversary party that took place in 2004, the year before we moved to Alameda.

11/24/2007: We took Harvey to the coast for Thanksgiving, and dined watching the sun set at Moss Beach Distillery. I shot a few photos.

11/16/2007: Breezy's new roof has been completed, here are some photos from the job site. It looks like the bird feeder needs to be filled:-)

11/14/2007: We finally had a break in the weather yesterday. I spoke with our roofer, George Weber mid day, he expected to be finished with Breezy's new roof by the end of the day. I have a couple of mid day photos from Tom, and expect more photos coming soon. It looks like the trees are getting pretty bare.

11/11/2007: I took another crack at reproducing Mario's Sauce. I used Jim Hegland's recipe, modified with fresh instead of dried peppers. So I had to cook them. I threw in the left over dark rum from last night:

11/9/2007: Added a new recipe for Pork Medallions with Mushroom-Dill Sauce. This was delicious with rice pilaf and a salad.

11/7/2007: AKUS - Simple Love. Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas will perform "Simple Love" at the 2007 CMA Awards tonight at 8:00.

11/6/2007: The dumpster gets delivered today, but now maybe the weather will cooperate on Thursday, though the Yahoo weather forecast doesn't say so. We get the dumpster for 14 days, and all we need is a 2 day window with no rain during the week. The tarp looks like its holding.

We sold a lot in AZ to pay for the new roof, this is the one we sold. It is the 2+ acres between the intersection sign, the fence to the back, and goes up to the property with the cabin and RV on it. The folks with the cabin and RV bought it so they wouldn't feel guilty about driving over our lot to get to theirs during the rainy season.

11/3/2007: This feels a lot like the time we were waiting for a weather window to cross the Sea of Cortez after getting the transmission oil heat exchanger fixed at the radiator shop in Santa Rosalia. The roof job got postponed until next Tuesday (and a hamburger), and now it's supposed to snow on Tuesday.

Except for the snow part:-)

It's like Waiting for Gadot....

On another thought - doesn't it seem like a good idea to keep a log of the wines you've liked?

10/31/2007: Happy Halloween!!

This is a photo I shot of a carved pumpkin in front of someone's house in Brisbane 4 years ago. Pretty cool artwork. Oh, by the way, the house deal closed on Monday. The house with the breezeway is now ours (Breezy?). For the sale of the lot in Arizona, the title company says all of the paper work looks good from both parties and should close on schedule. The proceeds to us are just enough to pay for Breezy's new roof , the work should start tomorrow. After living on a boat for so long, we developed the habit of naming the things we live in, I guess.

10/28/2007: Closed yet? No, the seller hasn't figured out how to complete the paperwork yet. Makes you think something funny must be going on??? We already bought the roof!!!

Tom and Emily Borton, the real estate brokers representing us have been doing an excellent job. They sent us these roof samples of forest green and barkwood. We decided to go with Weatheredwood to be more neutral. When the seller's divorced husband figures out what the yellow sticky with the word "Notarize" means and sends the signed paperwork back, we can have George put it on the house.

Meanwhile, with Jim Hegland's permission, I've added Jim and Nancy, Sailing Vessel Laughing Buddha's, recipe collection in the form of their book. "Let's Eat With Jim and Nancy". Jim says if you like it, buy him a beer, the paypal button will be forthcoming:-)

I also ran the spell checker on this page. Sheesh!!!

10/19/2007: I added a new Breakfast section to recipes, and added a Ham and Asparagus Frittata recipe. Also, I expect to be ordering the Weathered Wood Shingles later this morning:-)

10/15/2007: I added a new Curry section to recipes, and added a Lamb Curry recipe. I tried it with some left over lamb chops, it was easy and very tasty.

10/11/2007: Closing is scheduled for on or before the 25th but it will likely take until then for the seller to get back from vacation then move their possessions out. So we can't have the roof done until it closes. We had a roofer put a tarp up for the meantime.

Looks like the leaves are starting to change color:-) Meanwhile, we're getting a nibble on one of the Bridge Canyon Country Estates...

10/4/2007: What do you do with a broken roof?



Elk. Should last longer than we do:-)

9/302007: Well, the deal's not done yet. The guy that did the inspection asked me, "How long ago did you look at that house? Some shingles have come loose on the roof." A couple of roofers are looking at it...

9/22/2007: They accepted our offer!! Inspection next week!! Photo tour:-)

View Larger Map

For the record, we got the call that our offer had been accepted as written, based on a favorable inspection, on Thursday, September 20, 2007, while Dave and Vicki Howell were visiting.

9/15/2007: We just got back from a visit to Michigan, my niece Heather got married to Derrick, we shopped for a summer retirement home up north, and here are the photos.

8/27/2007: I've added links to a photo movie of David Merrick's 40th birthday party that Catie organized up on shore outside gate 11 on August 4th. I also added a link to the links page to a new web site set up by Rick and Pam from the sailing vessel Hotel California, There will likely be more to post about these people in the coming months. We're booked on a 42' Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands with them next April:-)

Also, stay tuned for progress on my sailing dinghy. We've had this 8' rowing skiff that is pretty close to a Sabot hull upside down on our deck for years serving as an attic. Since the estuary here is so handy with flat water and gentle breezes, I decided to convert it to a sailing vessel. So far, David found a sail in an abandoned dock box, and Lewis found a discarded mast from a broken wind surfer. We've been working on it, making a mast step and gathering rigging hardware. It still needs a lee board.

7/8/2007: Sid and Manuela of the sailing vessel Paradise have posted photo albums of their cruise through the Caribbean, and of their time in Venezuela. I've added links to the albums in my links page.

7/7/2007: The fireworks for the 4th at Jack London Square were canceled this year due to construction in the area, so Lewis and Barb invited us down to witness the fireworks on the beach in Santa Cruz. Though they are illegal here, people bring their own, purchased in Nevada, and blow them off on the beach over an area about a mile in either direction from the harbor entrance. I added a photo slide show of the event to the photos page. What a blast!

7/6/2007: For my birthday, Marsha got us tickets to see Alison Krauss and Union Station at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Front row seats!! We went with our friends Lewis and Barbara Knapp, traveling by bus and taxi. She has won 20 Grammy awards, more that any woman, and tied for 7th over all. They didn't allow cameras in so I couldn't take pictures. However, I did find these videos on YouTube. Amazing talent! Thanks Marsha!

7/5/06: Created a Recipes link on this page, and moved the recipes from the links page to it.

Also, moved the log links Spirit 92-96 and Spirit's Enhancements to Spirit's Home Page.

6/13/2007: Added photo album of a weekend cruise to anchor out in Sausalito's Richardson Bay with Dave, Catie, and Trippy on the Sailing Vessel Timeless. It shows some good views of the Oakland Estuary where we live. Next time, don't forget to take your camera when you go to shore:-)

6/12/2007: Added a link to the Latitudes and Attitudes web site because we appeared in a photo in the July issue. It was taken at the Strictly Sail boat show in Jack London Square last April.

6/11/2007: Added a link to the Sea of Cortez Review web site because an article I wrote about the Chubascos down there appeared in their first issue.

5/28/2007: Added photo album of Tim Callan's wedding in Santa Cruz on May 26, 2007. Also added photo's of my mother and father that Shelley sent to my father's page.

5/19/2007: Added Spirit's Log book from when we first purchased the boat to when we sailed out the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left. A companion document exists, years 1992 - 1996 of Spirit's maintenance and enhancement log.

5/13/2007: Added photo album of the party on Jake's new Tayana 48, KFOG's Kaboom 07. Also added a new page linked to from this page and from the photo albums page, a write up - mostly a photo album from our second year cruising in Mexico. Better late than never:-)

4/22/2007: Added photo album of our vacation visiting friends Sid and Manuela in Venezuela.

4/21/2007: Added section to Recipes, Deep Fried in Rice Bran Oil. This includes links to information on the healthy benefits of Rice Bran Oil and where we buy it.

4/20/2007: Added 4 new recipes and started categorizing Recipes by type of cooking. The new recipes are Green Onion Sesame Parchment Baked Fish, Pork Chops with Red Onion and Fennel, Shrimp with Snow Peas, and Thai Scallops with Asparagus

2/9/2007: Added link to my nephew, David Shinn's music group - the Beautyfire to the Family Zone.

2/8/2007: Added a Recipes section to the Links page.

2/6/2007: Added 2 new pages with this update, and added a new section to the left column navigation, a place to store previous posts.

1. Added a Family Zone to the Links page, and added the first entry, a page for my father, Al Sears. It is still under construction, I'm hoping to eventually gather the old photographs our family has, get them scanned, and post them here.

2. Added Spirit's Enhancements to the list of links on the left. This is the log I've kept since we purchased Spirit in 1992 of the enhancements, repairs, and maintenance we've done. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things...