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"You can't really tell how much fun they had unless you read their log book"

- Dr. Lewis Knapp

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The purpose for this site is to be a web home base for Steve and Marsha's next big adventure. Since that hasn't started yet, I'm just using it as a place to put stuff. Feel free to explore.

What's New...

12/26/2008: Come on Harvey, let's go Party!!!


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12/11/2008: We're been a bit slow getting the Christmas decorations up this year. We did get the tree up. I wonder what will fit underneath it...

How about a tender for Breezy?

11/25/2008: Crab season opened on the 16th. It got off to a slow start, but the fishermen finally figured out where the Dungenous Crabs were hanging out. We got some from the Housewives Market in downtown Oakland that were almost 3 pounds. I added this Crab Recipe.

11/19/2008: We celebrated the Left Handed Sagittarian Wives birthday party in wine country this year. In might not have been prudent in these uncertain economic times, but it had been planned for a while. This year, we tasted a wine vertical, 5 years in a row, 2002-2006 of Rosenblum's Annette's Reserve Zinfandel, which I'd been squirreling away since we moved to the island 3 years ago.

We had reserved 4 rooms for 4 couples at the Eagle and Rose Hotel in downtown St. Helena. It turned out rooms 205-208 surround an atrium which provided a very nice (albeit a bit narrow) venue for the tasting part. We had a nice dinner at the Cook restaurant. Thank you David for the excellent choice! We also visited 4 wineries, two on the way there, Etude Vineyards, and Merryvale Vineyards, then two more on the way home, Frank Family Vineyards, and Markham Vineyards. I didn't take a lot of pictures this trip, but here are a few photos. The weather turned out unseasonably warm, we all had a great time.

11/13/2008: We watched the CMAs last night. Kid Rock did a live performance of All Summer Long, a song we started hearing while driving the Penske truck to Higgins Lake this summer. It was kind of a surreal feeling, that he's singing about Northern Michigan. It sort of reminded us of the song, Christopher Cross's Sailing that came out a long time ago while we were vacationing on a 21' sailboat. Sort of like a Powerboater vs. Sailboater songs though smile

11/11/2008: Added a link to another Pearson 424 owners site that's a compilation of 424 upgrades many owners have done. I also added an update to recipes.

11/10/2008: I got to crew on Mintaka for the first race of the Berkeley Midwinters. It was a 8.6 mile course, we did 3 spinnaker sets. Skipper Gerry Brown corrected out in first place, division B, by 24 seconds. The following photo was shot less than a minute before we got the gun at the finish.

11/4/2008: Added an update on Breezy's page. It's election day, don't forget to vote!

10/29/2008: Added a photo album from Dar and Michael's visit, that includes a tour of the USS Hornet, and added entries to the photos page.

10/28/2008: Here are some photos from the races.

10/27/3008: I got to crew on Mintaka 4 on Saturday for Richmond Yacht Club's Great Pumpkin series. 3 races, the wind gradually built from about 8 to about 16 knots. With 2 firsts, we ended up 2nd in our division. The problem with the first race, we finished first over the wrong finish line:-( It was my first time working in the cockpit. Happy Halloween!!!

10/23/8008: Friends Dar and Michael from Austin, TX just returned home after visiting CA. We were buddy boating friends during our second year in Mexico. After goofing off on Alameda for a while, we headed up to wine country. It was great to catch up. Here's a few photos...

Dar and Michael at the Hopklin Winery

Where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean

Pino Noir at the J Winery

9/20/2008: Added content based on stuff we found in the storage as a result of moving.

1) Keys To The Golden Gate got color photos, the original high resolution scans got lost in a hard disk crash. I found the folder with the original photos in a box.

2) There was an envelope of pictures that probably should have been in the book, I can't remember why they didn't make it, but here is a short photo album of the extras....

3) And most importantly, we found the cook book that has the 5 cheese ravioli recipe!!!

4) There's more, here's a photo of Marsha and I very early on...

9/17/2008: Published 2 new photo albums, Breezy_move-in, and Breezy_surrounding-scenery.

9/16/2008: We arrived back at SFO last Wednesday the 10th, and we feel like we accomplished a lot. I don't know how we would have done it without the help of George Weber. The roof he put on last fall looks great. He had the interior painted before we arrived. He connected us to John Dirette who carpeted the 2 bedrooms, before we arrived. He helped me unload the Penske when we arrived. He replaced the water heater that didn't come back to life, the next day. He replaced the front door that had bad corrosion. He replaced the old rickety wooden ladder to the attic over the garage with a new solid aluminum one. He cleaned out the attic and layed a new floor. And he connected us to John the door guy who replaced the old broken garage door with a new insulated one. And, he replaced the door knob and lock sets. We bought all of the materials, but he guided us to get the right stuff. He let me loose with his air nail gun to rebuild the bed frame. He also helped us make plans for the next phases of the project.


I'll post more pictures when I get them sorted...

8/28/2008: We made it safely to MI with the Penske. Here are some photos from the trip.

8/11/2008: I broke down and bought an iPhone 3G so we'd have a GPS for the road trip that starts in 5 days.


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8/6/2008: And from the doesn't-happen-here-every-day department, Eldore caught a 28" Striped Bass off the dock a couple of weeks ago, as evidenced here:

Eldore and Victor have a Catalina 38 a few slips down from us, and spend a fair amount of time here with their son and daughter. She caught (and released) this lovely fish off the back of the boat while tied to the slip. Trippy was thinking Eldore should fillet it first.

Also, recipe and Breezy updates.

8/5/2008: We went to see Eric Stone with Rick, Pam, and Sherry at the Balena Bay Yacht Club on Saturday.

So what's he talking about?

7/30/2008: Recipes update.

7/21/2008: Breezy update.

7/16/2008: Added a links section to the recipes page, with links to a few good recipe sites, and a specific link to a recipe titled "Best Pizza Dough Ever Recipe". I intend to test out our oven with it when we visit Breezy later this summer.

Also, the Pacific Cup is starting this week, the fun race to Hawaii. One of our neighbor boats, Music, took off yesterday. It will be fun to watch the progress, here.

7/15/2008: Added a page for Breezy, added entry to recipes.

7/14/2008: Photo updates.

7/8/2008: Recipe updates.

7/2/2008: Marsha and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last night with a Champaign toast and dinner on the other side of the island, at Kamakura's.

and looking forward to many more...

My work has had me pretty busy the last few weeks. We rolled out a new version of our product that has been in development for quite a while, and attended 3 conferences in 5 weeks to introduce it. First in San Jose before Memorial Day, then Tenerife, then New York. There's not much information about my work on this site, but the city links point to the conferences. Here are a few photos:

The view in back of the hotel lobby in Tenerife, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.

The view of the beach behind the Sheraton Hotel close to sunset.

Dinner with Joel, a consultant that helps us sometimes, and Gary, one of our software developers. Gary traveled from Boston, Joel lives on Tenerife. It was a short trip, I only got to see the southern end of the island, which is pretty dry. Joel mentioned the northern side is more tropical. If we had more time, he offered to drive us around, which would have taken 3 hours. I found the climate to be very mild, the humidity was between the dryness of Baja and the moist Caribbean. Very comfortable.

Back to reload, then on to New York City.

My traveling partners for this trip were Craig and Jans. We stayed at the Quality Hotel at Times Square. I'm sure it will look like the picture in the link someday, when they complete the construction. The rooms were small, but very nicely done, and clean. The one working elevator was slower than I've ever seen.

We ate dinner at Angelo's in Little Italy one night. The food was excellent, we did have to send the bottle of wine back, it must have been left in the heat somewhere too long.

We saw this guy on the street serenading tourists in his underwear. Since then, he's filed a 4 million dollar lawsuit against M&Ms candy maker Mars. "The commercial he found so objectionable is part of a series of ads created by the Chute Gerdeman company that feature cartoon M&M’s mimicking various New York icons, including King Kong, the Statue of Liberty and the scantily clad cowpoke. In the Naked Cowboy spot, a blue M&M strums a guitar dressed in briefs, boots and cowboy hat."

It appears they have a plan for what to build on the World Trade Center site. I've heard since then though, that the project is way over budget and behind schedule.

Here I am shortly before heading to the airport to come home. That's the Statue of Liberty in the background, I'm wearing one of the shirts designed for the conferences.

So, now back to the question about what to do about Breezy. Here's what we're thinking:


5/28/2008: Now what to do about Breezy?

5/17/2008: Here's another set of photos and movies (the movies don't work, I'll have to post them separately).

5/11/08: I'm still working on a photo album, here's a few...

5/5/2008: What an adventure! With almost 5,000 digital photos/movies between the crew, it's going to take a while to get the albums organized and posted. Here's a sample:

4/9/2008: One week from this minute, our plane is scheduled to leave California bound for the Virgin Islands I already know what we're having for dinner next Tuesday night, pizza. Leftover pizza makes a great meal to take on the plane. In fact, I like pizza so much, here is a pizza essay I'm writing about what it means to me.

Updates. I've added a music page. There's not much there yet, just a couple of inventory listings. Also, under previous posts, I added links to my end of the year letter for 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, and 2005. They do count as log entries. There are none for 2001 - 2003, but I can tell you it was pretty much a period of learning about napster, dot com startups and the bust, and acoustic neuromas.

3/21/2008: Happy Spring! I like daylight savings time because it was getting too bright out by the time I had to head up to the showers. Here's what it should look like, and now it does again, at that time:

3/14/2008: Added a link under cruising publications links to a site that logs a family of four's 2 year voyage to Australia and back on a 41' Catamaran, Endless Summer, between 2003 - 2005. Great stuff! I could only imagine what it would be like to go cruising on a new Cat. No, wait a minute, we'll be on one with friends for a couple of weeks in the British Virgin Islands in a little over a month from now...

I can't imagine it will be anywhere nice as Scott's, but here's a link that describes the Lagoon 41.

While we're on the subject of endless summers, I've uploaded another video. This one is 6 minutes, the main subject is the whale shark that visited us in one of the anchorages in the Bahia de los Angelas area during the summer of 1998. It has footage of other places in the Sea of Cortez before, and after dawn as we're pulling into San Carlos on the mainland after crossing the sea, our last overnighter.

3/13/2008: I've uploaded the third of 3 videos friends took of our boating shenanigans from the early 90s, that I managed to get converted from VHS tape (not perfect, but...). This one was recorded 15 years ago today by Marcy Albert. It's a Saturday race sponsored by our old yacht club, SPYC. There is some interesting Jolly Roger spinnaker footage (bitage?) and footage of us competing with a sister ship, Take It Easy (whom last we heard from is still down in Latin America). This is not the America's Cup folks. The video is here.

Recipe page update.

3/10/2008: I uploaded another video, this one is from a VHS tape Gabe Gross created from a sailboat race we were in on our old 27' Watkins sloop, Moonshot. He did a great job of editing, it's hilarious.

I added a page of photos for my nephew, Nathan Chappell, including his wife Christy and daughter Chloe.

Still under construction, I'm reorganizing the photo album page. I've added structure, but I still need to organize it into sections.

2/29/2008: Updates to recipes.

2/21/2008: More great Bear Valley photos, Catie got her's developed.

We stopped at the IronStone winery in Murphys on the way home and got some photos of the largest single chunk of gold ever mined in California that's on display in their impressive museum. We also picked up a couple bottles of their 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel that was just released a couple of weeks ago.

We returned to the marina in time to witness the total eclipse of the moon last night.

2/20/2008: We were guests of friends from the marina at their vacation home in Bear Valley and spent the President's day 3 day weekend learning about snowmobiling. If you ever had the vision of people snow skiing in short sleeves, we hit that rare weather window. *MANY* thanks to Hal and Laurie for inviting and hosting us, and to David and Catie (Trippy too) for driving us up.

Here's what a Bear Valley Snowmobile Rental brochure has to say about the area: "The Bear Valley Area is within the Bear Valley subdivision. Due to the great amount of snow Bear Valley receives during the winter season, the roads are closed to automobiles and groomed for snowmobile traffic. This area offers fantastic views of surrounding mountains, unspoiled forests, striking rock formations and picturesque Bear Lake. In addition, the unusual architecture of many of the cabins in Bear Valley is also enjoyable. A perfect place to get acquainted with snowmobiling."

It's all true. We no longer qualify as "Beginners". When we got as far as we could drive to get there, we off loaded the truck onto sleds and towed them behind the snowmobiles another 10 minutes into the subdivision to get to the cabin. Here is a photo album from the weekend.

This experience has us thinking a little differently about Breezy. That's because...

...the Black X is Breezy's location and the Red Lines are groomed snowmobile trails . I've just added a section in the links page for Northern Michigan Information.

2/4/2008: Added my recipe for barbequed baby back ribs, and posted Jim Hegland's Smokin On The Hard rendition of Mario's Sauce.

1/30/2008: Added a Videos section. The first video is of our trip to Tomales Bay on Spirit back in the fall of 1992. The video was recorded by Bill and Linda Madru on their (then) trimaran, Defiance.

A bit about that trip, our crew was Doug and Teresa Chandler (though they weren't married yet at the time). Our plan before going to Tomales Bay was to spend a night off shore, for the experience. The question came up, "Should we have a life raft?" We had developed the definitive way to answer questions like this around boats, eliminate the question. Doug rented a life raft for the trip. We all thought about the voyage for some time, and had fun planning for it. We even developed an offshore cruise plan. You can view an 8 page pdf of the document we created here.

Not long after dark, we changed our plan from spending the night off shore to making way to anchor in Drakes Bay, roughly half way to Tomales Bay. That worked out, and turned out to be a great lesson using our radar. Doug manned the radar station below and communicated left, right, whoa type instructions up to the helm as we made our way through the crowed anchorage in the dark to successfully get Spirit's anchor set for the night. We enter the video the next day after making our way north to the south end of Bodega Bay, then navigating back down through the inside channel to get to Tomales Bay.

There is some footage of friends from Sierra Point Yacht Club's early days, footage of Spirit sailing, anchoring, etc., and a unique segment with a nude woman doing pirouettes on a raft before diving in the water. Great work Bill and Linda!

1/28/2008: Added cooking times to the Tips section of Recipes.

1/11/2008: Receiving additional photos and service documentation from my nephew, Tim Taylor, inspired me to update the page I'm constructing for my father. I'm not done yet, more of the structure is in place but more content is still coming.

1/7/2008: Added this nice recipe for Bolognese Sauce. It was easy to prepare, I let it simmer in the crockpot all afternoon. I also added this recipe for Maggi's Noodles. We haven't cooked it in a while, but plan to soon.

1/3/2008: I moved the 2007 entries of this What's New log to the Previous Posts section under New in 2007. Have a great 2008!