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10/13/2012: Added this album, Road Trip back to CA, 2012.

9/21/2012: Added this album, our visit with Jim and Doreen Haggerty in Markdale, Ontario, Canada September, 2012.

8/23/2011: Added these albums, July 2011 MI Vacation, and Summer 2011.

7/13/2011: Added this album, Spring at Breezy.

12/15/2010: Added this album, Alameda (not my pictures, but it shows a lot about where we shop).

11/24/2010: Added this album, Baja_Haha-2010.

6/22/3010: Added this album, introducing Taylor the Trailer.

6/2/2010: Added this album, photos of Spirit's haulout adventrue.

3/3/2010: Added another section, this one is for Camping trips, the photos are digital. The Pinnacles trip in 2003 is a new album.

3/2/2010: Added another section of scanned photos, this one from our townhome in Cupertino, CA.

3/1/2010: Added another section of scanned photos, this one from our time living in Boulder, Colorado before moving to California.

2/28/2010: Added photos from our West Coast Exploration trip over Thanksgiving back in 1989. Then, added two sections to the bottom of the list linked to from the left navigation pane containing photo albums from our pre digital camera life that Marsha scanned back in 2002 before we moved back on board. The sections are Vacations and Moonshot.

2/2/2010: Added photos of the Gate 11 get together at Pasta Pelican when Doug and Carla Scott came to visit.

12/8/2009: Added photos of my business trip to Vienna.

10/6/2009: Added photos of the 3rd annual Marina Village Gate 11 flea market took place last Saturday.

2/4/2009: Added photos from our road trip to Las Vegas in Harvey the RV.

12/18/2008: Here are some photos taken with the new camera around various boats at the 2008 Gate 11 holiday pot luck party.

12/11/2008: On the topic of new cameras, I ended up selecting a Canon SD880 IS. More on this later.

11/19/2008: Added photos from the Left Handed Sagittarian Wives birthday party.

10/30/2008: On the subject of new cameras, Marsha sent me this article on a new standard emerging, "Micro Four Thirds" that is like SLR but gets rid of the bulky mirror so quality can get smaller...

10/29/2008: Added 2 new photo albums, Dar and Michael's visit, and racing on Mintaka. Regarding my photography, and interesting shift while back in MI over the summer, I took both my old Canon G2 and my Canon SD 500 cameras. I hadn't used the G2 for almost a year. I really enjoyed using the flip-out-and-twist LCD again. I used the G2 on Dar and Michael's visit and very pleased to remember how fun it was to use. It's a good thing because I used the SD 500 racing on Gerry's boat and the lens failed half way through the day. Time to start shopping for a new camera, but meanwhile I'm happy with the G2. A few I've looked at though, Canon PowerShot A2000 IS and the Canon PowerShot A590IS - pocket friendly but no flip out LCD, and the PowerShot S5 IS which looks like a fun machine with a flip out LCD.

9/20/2008: Added photos that were extras not used in Keys To The Golden Gate.

9/17/2008: Added 3 albums covering the trip to Breezy, Truck-to-Breezy, Breezy_move-in, and Breezy_surrounding-scenery.

7/14/2008: Added BVI links. Also, here are a few short videos, Eric Stone's Bomba's Shack, Eric Stone's Southern Cross, Foxy 1, Foxy 2, Spinnaker 1, Spinnaker 2, Misc. 1, Misc. 2, Misc. 3, and Misc. 4.

3/1/2008: My new look:-)

Road Trip back to CA, October 2012

Visit with Jim and Doreen Haggerty, September 2012

Summer 2011

July 2011 MI Vacation

Spring 2011 at Breezy

Alameda, CA. Composed by Homes by Warmington

Baja Haha 2010 with Rick and Pam on Hotel California

Taylor the Trailer, 2001 Dutchman Lite 24', June 2010

Spirit's Haulout May 2010

Gate 11 get together, 1/23/2010

Vienna, 12/4/2009

3rd Annual Marina Village Gate 11 Flea Market, 10/2009

LHSW Birthday Party, 11-15-2008

Racing on Mintaka, 10-25-2008

Dar and Michael's visit, October 2008

Photo Extras from Keys To The Golden Gate

BVI's 2008 Part 1, Part 2, Pam's Part 1, Pam's Part 2

Catie's Bear Valley Snowmobiling, 2/16-18/2008

Bear Valley Snowmobiling, 2/16-18/2008

Ironstone Winery, 02/2008

SPYC 1st 20 Years

SPYC 20th Anniversary Party - 2004

Breezy's Roof Job

Summer Cottage in Michigan, Offer Accepted, Pending Inspection, 9/20/2007

Our Michigan visit, September, 2007

David Merrick's 40th Birthday Party at Marina Village, August 4, 2007

Fireworks on the beach in Santa Cruz, July 4, 2007

Sausalito Weekend on Timeless, June 2007

Tim and Eytihia's Wedding, May 26, 2007

KFOG's 2007 Kaboom on Jake's new Tayana 48

Our Second Year in Mexico, 97 - 99

Venezuela, visiting Sid and Manuela on Paradise, 2007

Grand Canyon 2005

Half Moon Bay Labor Day Weekend 2006

Michigan Visit July 2004

Mintaka Under Spinnaker

Monte Rio Property photos from 2004

Napa Wine Country August 2006


Pinnacles Camping, April 2003 with Jim and Jo Callan

Yosemite Camping May 2004

Thanksgiving 2007 on the West Coast

Trip to Las Vegas in Harvey the RV, 12/2008


Albums below are scanned from film taken before we had digital cameras


Maui 1995

Paris 1995

Northern Italy, 1994

Cabo San Lucas, 1993

Windward Islands Charter, 1992

Florida, Family visits, 1988-90

Key West Charter, 1990

West Coast Exploration, Thanksgiving 1989

Sea of Cortez Charter, 1989

Charlotte Harbor, Floria Charter, 1988

Virgin Island Charter, 1987

Houseboat on the Deltas, 1985

Oahu, 1983

Road Trip, Boulder to Las Vegas, 1982

Yucatan, 1981

San Francisco, 1980

The 21' Aquarius, pre Moonshot boat, summer of 1980

Moonshot, 27' Watkins Sloop

Boat shots

Lace Race


People Shots

Monterey Bay

San Francisco Bay

Brie 3 Raft-up


Boulder, Colorado - The boatless years




Kinetics Conveyance Race





Cupertino, CA - The townhouse while we had Moonshot in CA


1989 Earthquake





Apartment while shopping for townhouse