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Taylor the Trailer

Jean's bathroom remodel work in progress photos

Spring, 2010 - Furnace, Deck Staining

Fall cleanup 2009, Finished decks

Fall cleanup 2008 - losing trees



Truck to Breezy

First Set

Roofing Job

Spring Cleanup

The Red Dot


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9/16/2010: The following is a quick tour of the new bathroom in a mostly finished state: George Weber inspired the design and helped us implement it. THANK YOU AGAIN George!!!

7/15/2009: Here's a quick video walk through tour after the initial dust settled, before the furniture arrives.


12/24/2009: It's Christmas Eve. A video of ice fishing on Higgins Lake from last March 3, then a cool ariel slide show of the ice melting around the lake last April 9.

6/2/2010: A YouTube video fly over Higgins Lake on Memorial Day: