Catie's Stovetop Rice

I've always cooked rice with a simple Rice Cooker, the kind
with one switch that switches between warm and cook. The teflon
coated cooking pans are the only way to go, otherwise you have
to soak it in the sink overnight to clean it.

When we were at Hal and Lauries with Dave an Catie, I had planned
rice for my dinner, but there was no rice cooker. Catie gave me this
guidance for cooking rice in a pan on the stove, and it worked great.

After you've rinsed the rice, put it in the pan with 2X water or stock.
Cover the pan, and don't uncover it until it is done. This is VERY
important. Turn the heat on high. When you hear it boiling, turn it to
low simmer. After 1 hour total cooking time, it's done.