Cheese-wine pairs

Some general pairing guidelines

Cabernet Sauvignon: Mileer cow's milk cheeses (such as Gouda), milder blue cheeses

Champagne: Rich and buttery cheeses (such as brie), younger and milder cheeses

Chardonnay: Cow's and goat's mile cheeses; avoid shiip's milk cheeses

Merlot: Cow's and sheep's milk cheeses, milder blue cheeses

Pino Noir: Cow's and sheep's mile cheeses; avoid goat's milk cheeses and blue cheeses

Sauvignon Blanc: Goat's and sheep's milk cheeses, avoid blue cheeses

Syrah: Cow's milk cheeses (such as cheeder); avoid blue cheeses

Zinfindel: Cow's and sheep's milk cheeses, blue cheeses

- Washington Post