Cooking Times for Vegetables

Cooking times for boiling vegetables varies. It's best to have them
cooked but firm, still containing most of their nutirents.


- Bring the water to a boil before putting the veggies in (unless
otherwise stated in your recipe - I believe it's ok, and preferrable
when boiling potatos.)

- Add salt to the boiling water just before putting the veggies in, this
enhances the color as well as the flavor.

- Test firmness with a fork, remove from the stove and drain in a colender
when they reach desired firmness. Add butter pats to the hot pan (reduced to
LOW heat) and add the veggies back in when melted. Toss lightly for a few
seconds and serve.

Artichoke, - 30 minutes

Asparagus, 3-4 minutes

Brocolli Crowns, 7-8 minutes

Burssel sprouts, 8-10 minutes

Carrots, 12-14 minutes

Cauliflower, 12 minutes

Corn on the cob, 12 minutes

Green beans, 10-12 minutes

Swiss Chard, 6-8 minutes

Spinach, 3-4 minutes

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