Spirit's hatch inventory, updated 4/24/12
Forward, V-berth  Spares Hatch
Part No. Part Name QTY Description Comments
Center Forward Hatch
Alternator 1 105 Amp High Output, Rebuilt windings New diodes, double 2.2" pulley
Engine Blue Canvas Bag Bottom of hatch
24305 Hose - Elbow 1 (Parts manual has this number for 2 parts) used
24305 Hose - straight piece 1 Westerbeke  new     
24289 Hose - Elbow 1 used and good condition
24334 Hose - Elbow 2 Westerbeke  new
24415 Hose 1 Westerbeke
24239 Hose - Elbow 1 Westerbeke used
24652 Water Pump Kit 1 Partial parts Sea Water Pump Kit
24538 Water Pump Rebuild Kit 1 Westerbeke  for fresh water pump
33100 Seawater Pump Impellars 5 Westerbeke  1 may not be right
Rebuilt Sea Water Pump 1 Westerbeke 
24574 Fuel Hardware Kit 1 Westerbeke 
15211 Service Kit 1 for Raycor Fuel filter
245651 Injector Nozzle 1 Westerbeke 
24563 Injector 1 Westerbeke 
Thermostats 1 160 degree F.  specially drilled for engine
Thermostats 3 180 degree-suspect for engine cooling system
24258 Thermostat Housing 1 Westerbeke  new
24323 Thermostat Gasket 5 Westerbeke  3 new; 2 almost new
Engine Wire Harnesses 2 Westerbeke  2 different wire harnesses
24639 Solenoid 2 Westerbeke  1new, 1 used - ok
22851 Heat Exchanger Gasket 2
19321 Heat Exchanger O Ring 2
24277 Gasket 1 for water cooling system
Single belt pully 1 Westerbeke, alternator drive upgraded engine to dual pully 5/98
Starter Motor 1 used, partial?, housing?
Bag of unidentified parts 1 gaskets, bearings, etc.
Alternator mounting brackets 3 old, examples
24375 Gasket 1 Westerbeke
24353 Glowplug 1 Westerbeke
Heat Exchanger Gasket 2
Thermostat Switch 1 Adler Barbour refrigerate, used, ok
Hose, used 1 15" cooling system hose
White Plastic Gargage Bag
33395 Fuel Filters 2 Wix Filters by Dana
PH8A Oil Filters 1 Fram oil filter
C111OPL Fuel Filters 3 Fram fuel filter
2010 Fuel Filters 3 Racor 2 micron fuel filter
24308 Heat Exchanger 1 Westerbeke Original, flushed after swap out
V-belt, Alternator 2 2 Required (# from previous, dayco 17448) # from previous Gates 9447
V-belt, Seawater pump 1 (# from previous, dayco 4L330) ??? 9440
V-belt 1 Not sure.
14K-020 Watermaker Service Kit 1 Membrane Cleaning, etc.
Battons, 1-1/4" x 30" 3 Spares for main sail
Battons, 1" x 23" 4 Spares for mizzen sail    
  Navy Blue Xacct Bag
Windvane Service Kit 1 Monitor
180-0274 Relay For Benmar Autopilot 1 Benmar "power on" relay 100 ohm 12 volt
581 Solenoid valve 1 LPG (Propane) solenoid valve
Windlass Gypsy 1 For electric windlass Simpson Lawrence S50
Brushes, spare 1 For electric windlass
Cover plate 1 For electric windlass covers brushes and motor
Second station mount 1 For Garmin 75 GPS
DX 032 Refrigerator Liquid Line Filter 1 Danfoss liquid line filter drier
12V 20A Fuse 1 Refrigerator
Capacitor 1 Refrigerator
Valve Refrigerator tire valve on 2" copper tube
Wind/towing generater parts uphaul, downhaul, wiring, trolling gear, etc.
Wiindvane parts extra
parell beads larger, for genoa
Starboard V-Birth Hatch
Portlight, interior portion, & screen 1 The size of the three forward portlights
Cowel Vent 1 Larger, came from bow where hose is 
Old Windscreen for Cockpit could be used as a pattern
Bug Screen Aft Companion Way, working ok
Bug Screen Midship Companion Way, working ok
Cowel Vent 1 3" low profile, replacement for stern coaming new
screens for bimini 3
screens for dodger 5
canvas tent for boom 1 shade for midship companion way
sun shower bag 1 throttles solar when it's too hot, hang from a halyard
Port V-Berth Hatch
  White West Marine Canvas Bag Upper of 2
stantion clamps 2  
Winchers 3 Watski 2 large 3"; 1 small 2-1/4"
Winch Handle 1 used
Securing ring for primary winch 1 plastic part that hold stuff
2008-433-344 Waterpump, 3.3 GPM, 40 PSI 1 Sureflo, for housewater needs replacement part installed
2088 Upper housing switch kit 1 Sureflo replacement part
243550 Gas Cap, for toerail diesel fill 1 Stainless  
D040 Spare belt 1 Autohelm autopilot
D100 Clutch lever kit 2 Autohelm autopilot
Mounting Bracket 1 Spare, for Autohelm 3000
Locking handle 1 Edson Steering Wheel
Locking handle 1 Bowman hatch
Thru hull fitting 1-1/2" 1 Plastic
Thru hull fitting 7/8" 1 Plastic
377002 RF10 Noise Filter 1
788000 Seagull IV replacement filter 2 for water purifier new
Anchor Windlass Cover Blue Canvas
Y-Valves, holding tank system 2 1 new, 1 used used needs putting back together
Spare Handles 2 for Y-Valves
Solar vent fan blade
Depth Sounder mounting kit left over parts
289365 Deck Switch 1 For electric windlass Heavy Duty
White canvas West Marine bag Lower of 2
Submersible pump 1 Spare refrigerator water pump Used; may need to rebuild
42510 Submersible pump 1 Spare refrigerator water pump New PAR single fixture pump
103598 Screw in deck plate 1 4" dia, cutout dia 4-1/2" used
147876 Snap in deck plate 2 4" dia, cutout dia 4-1/2" new  
deck plate cover 2 3-3/4" used
deck plate cover 1 4" used
deck plate cover 1 4-1/2" used
06-6X898 Bullet Pierching Valve 1 for 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 tubing
other stuff 1 bag random
Shaft brake parts for original, not current
Wooden Plugs 6 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-1/2" small end emergency thru hull plugs
Lewmar Winch parts kits 5 Assorted
Watermaker filters 3 for PowerSurvivor 35 new
Sump pump with float switch 1 Rule 1000
Float switch for bilge 1 Rule   used, still works
Deck Vent 1 used Nicro Marina, Solar, battery likely dead
Air Horn Cans 2
Antenna Mount 1 used  
Sump Pump cover with screws in ziplock bag, easier to clean filter with it off
Garmin 75 GPS stuff cockpit mount, battery, ac charger, case
Aluminum vertical ice trays 3 new
Ice tray rack 1 new
Mount for outboard motor Rail mount, used. For up to 8 horse 4 stroke motor
Starboard shelf in V-berth
Downrigger 1 For trolling generator 4' - 1/2" Stainless rod
Wind Vane Blades 3 2 regular, 1 light air
Wind Generator propeller shaft Blades attached
Wind Generator  
Wind Generator propeller blade spare, used
Wind Generator rigging poles 2 upper and lower
Wind Generator Centrifical Brake
Wind Scoops 2
Port Shelf in V-berth
Vane for Wind Vane
Material left over from seat cushions
Starboard, midship hatches
Forward lower
Lantern wicks few in a ziplock bag
spare lantern globes 2 new
light fixture  1 to match other 2
spare 12 volt light bulbs 5
Aluminum vertical ice trays 2
Aft Cabin Hatch, Forward port most
In space crate
Motor Oil 3 qts SAE HD 30
Barient wench lube 2 parcial tubes
Transmission fluid 1 qt ATF
Bio Bor 2 + half diesel fuel treatment
Gunk Engine Degreaser 2 spray cans
LPS 3 1 corrosion inhibitor, spray can
Red engine paint half spray can 
Carbon Free 12 oz.
Diesel Guard 2 fuel treatment
Marvel Mystery Oil 1
Gasoline Storage Stabelizer
Emergency Bag
Hand Held Red Flares 4 Olin outdated
Flare Gun 1 25mm with 12 gauge insert, in case also, several outdated 12 gauge flares
Yellow Die Marker 1
Fuel line hose 1 12' 3/8" new
Fuel line hose 1 6' 3/8" new
Spotlight, West Marine Not working, maybe light burnt out maybe corrosion
gasket material 1 roll, rubber
Gray Bag
Flares, more outdated bag full
Aft Cabin, Underneath the drawers under the berth
Bolt Cutter, 24" 1
Aft Cabin, forward  hatch under leaboard
Plastic bin full of parts electrical, plumbing, rigging, misc.
Canvas bag full of wire misc
Plastic container, clear full of lights and fuses
Plastic container, yellow nuts, washers, cotter pins, etc.
Teak pieces misc
Aft Cabin, aft  hatch under leaboard
Metal bars 6 Shroud fasteners, etc. spares
Spreader Light 1 in box
assorted wooden plugs in plastic bag
Canvas Bag misc diddy
Blue Space Crate
bag of hose clamps and fittings for spare fuel / oil lines
fuel line
plastic hose with fitting 4 for watermaker biocide drain, misc.
50 Amp outlet swap out for existing 30 amp if you have 50 amps
50 amp male to 30 amp female adapter
SSP Radio antenna parts misc. in plastic bag
rubber hose with fitting in plastic bag, v-drive 
oil and fuel filter wrenches 2
large hose clamp for mast boot spare
Chart compartment over aft berth
Charts 5 Bay area and coastal
US Flag on pole that fits in fitting on aft toe rail
Exterior Hatches
Port Lazerete
Liferaft 1 6 person, designed for lazerette, never used never exposed to elements but getting old
teak cap rail pieces 3 possibly usable for repairs bottom of hatch
Genoa, 130  1 orange bag, labeled
Spinnaker  1 3/4 oz. Black with Red Jolly Roger in black bag
Cruising Spinnaker 1 1-12 oz. White, Yellow, Orange, Red in yellow and blue bag
Mizzen Stansail 1 1/2 oz., White, Yellow, Orange, Red in dark blue bag, aft of cruising spinnaker
Storm Jib 1 Hank on, for removable staysail stay larger, in tan bag, on bottom of hatch
Storm Jib 1 Hank on, for removable staysail stay smaller, in blue bag, on bottom of hatch
Autopilot Autohelm 3000 In a teak box, labled Josh (after Slocum)
Oars for hard Dingy 2
Light Blue bag 5 sail bags aft most
Sail bag Contains several spare sail bags
spinnaker sheets 2 in white canvas bag
sailing dinghy stuff in red baja haha bag sail, rigging, etc. - project not finished
scrub brush
Boat Hook 1
  Small White Canvas bag 2 Jacklines, 4 harnesses, lifesling block and tackle
  Navy Blue Canvas  5 Winch handles, 4 stainless & 1 plastic
11 assorted sail ties
Elastic sail retainer
coil of webbing material
3 snatch blocks (2 spinnaker sheet turning block, one spare)
spinnaker lanyard/tack, wire
cruising spinnaker tack block and tackle
cruising spinnaker parell beads
block for end of mizzen boom for staysail sheet
spare block and tackle
spare block   
Sail bag Green, empty
Aft Lazerete
plastic buckets 2
Fire Extinguisher
Emergency Tiller hidden, but handle visible under fire extinguisher
Sea Anchor   Light weight
Anchor line Over 300 ', 5/8" For Stern Anchor
Space Crate Currently containing paints, varnishes, etc.
Space Crate Chain (20', 10', 10' w/ swivel), 2 cooling water hoses plus 2 inflatable pump hoses
Trip line with float Orange
Force 10 grill, propane In heavy blue plastic carrying bag
Hull Cleaning Kit In white canvas bag, brushes, suction cups, etc.
Bilge pump handle
Autoprop plus spares kit
Winch seat
Starboard Lazerete
Towing Warp 1 X x 100 feet of gold braid line, 5/8" need to measure or better guess
Spare Halyards 2 1 all rope, 1 rope/wire  
Rocker Stopper 1 Rectangular, Rebuilt with 1/4" rubber
Orange Power Cord, 15 amp Male on both ends, one end is fed to inside
Kerosene lanterns 2 Anchor lights
Mast Mate 1 Track slides on top portion fitted for mizzen
Spare Rigging, running One wire for each size (no port and starboard) Best from previous rigging
Bosins Chair 1 Canvas with wood seat
Forestay Release 1 For connecting staysail stay to deck fitting
Space Crate 1 3 varnish cans, oil, funnel, cetol, thinner, scrub brush Rubbed effect varnish, used on interior
Space Crate Preventor Rigging, 2 straps for securing hard dinghy to deck aft of mast, mast boot, fiberglass material
Teak glass holder 1 Used as extra drink holders set it on the table at the helm
Life preservers in bag 5 May West type
Lines, Lines, Lines 1 All kinds of diddy, spare sheets, lines, etc. 3 bags plus many hanging ones
Motoring Cone Black
Power cord 15 amp male to 30 amp female
Extension power cord 12' 30 Amp
Green Diddy Bag All kinds of spare parts
Anchor lights 2 in white bag
Companionway Boards 3
Sewer hose Hose to plumb from holding tank to through  wrapped in black plastic
Metal rod 2-1/2' Can't remember what it is for
Cleaning supplies In blue plastic bin
Dock Box
smoked plastic hatch window spare
pipe used for additional leverage on wrenches when needed
propane tank empty
  space crate cleaners
Solar panel stancion mounts 4