Notes: Not in specific order, but tips to help figure out how some less obvious things work on Spirit

1. Holding tank pump out diagram


2. The shelf unit just inside and under the aft companionway entrance on the inside can be removed with 2 wing nuts on each side, starboard in the closet, port - gain access by removing inboard drawer. Then the bulkhead can be removed with 4 screws, first undo the jacks connecting the Bank Manager II - access to by opening one of the two ports on the bulkhead.

3. The track lighting in the main salon is 12 volt. I bypassed the 120 volt to 12 volt transformers in the light holder bases, then wired 12 volts to the tracks. The equipment is from Lowe's Hardware. The port original fluorescent light isn't working, I think it is a ballast issue. Those lights never provided very good light, that's why I installed the track lighting.

4. AC Gen Start Switch. This switch is wired so when you push it, you turn off the battery charger while the engine is running. This is handy in warm climates, such as summer in the Sea of Cortez, to trick the charger out of trickle mode and into bulk charge mode.

5. The upper switch on the side of the compartment underneath the mid ship companionway is for the Adler Barbour Supercold refrigerator's water cooling switch. With everything else installed, the hose to the cooling system was not connected (because it wasn't needed in the San Francisco Bay area). If needed, it can be plumbed by putting a tee in the line feeding the anchor wash down pump.

6. The lower switch on the side of the compartment underneath the mid ship companionway is the Anchor windless switch. This activates the foot switch up on the foredeck. The anchor windlass is in the center bilge. The deck switch is currently set up to step on it to turn it on - it will stay on until you step on it to turn it off. There is a replacement switch in the forward spares hatch that is only on while you are stepping on it.

7. Electra Scan. The Electra Scan unit is underneath the floor under the table in the main salon. There is access via a hatch in the floor. It is serviceable.

For operation in the Bay area, or other brackish waters that do not have as high a level of salt as sea water, we needed to add about a tablespoon of salt per flush. You can get 25# bags of salt from Costco for under $4. There is an optional saline feed system available from Raratan, we never bothered.

Operation, push the start/stop button, the green light will turn on solid. You have about 30 seconds to flush the toilet before the green light starts flashing. Turn the Dry / Flush knob on the toilet to Flush, push the button to pump a dozen times or so. Do not run the pump while switching between Dry and Flush. Turn the knob to Dry, then pump until it is empty.

It's good to do a Muratic acid treatment. The manual says something like annually, but if is being used frequently aka liveaboard, every month or two. In a pail, put in 2 gallons of water, then 2 cups acid. Do Not Turn On Electra Scan. Flush through toilet, then add a gallon of water to the toilet. Let sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Flush the water through. Then it's ready to go.

8. Wind Generator switches. The switch plate right of the nav station and closet with 2 switches and jacks. The top switches are for the wind generator - the left one: up = stop, middle = neutral, down = bump start. The right one: up = reverse brake, down = operate (or vice versa, the labelers were removed when it got varnished. The lower right jack is for the house stereo system. The left jack connects to a mini phono jack on wire to the right of the SSB radio, for connecting to a computer.

9. Watermaker hasn't been tested since late 98. Was working great then. It can be removed by undoing 4 bolts with a crescent wrench. The manual operation handle is in the hatch should you need to cut and run with it. The switch for it is the lowest one labeled Aux 2 on the auxillary panel in the nav station closet.

10. Satnav switch on the switch panel in the main salon is connected to the Garmin 210. The GPS switch on the aux panel in the closet is for the Garmin 75.

11. The switch on the auxiliary panel in the aft cabin closet labeled Josh is for the Autohelm 3000 auto pilot, which plugs into a jack hanging from wires zip tied just inside the aft end of the starboard lazerette. The Autopilot is in a wooden box outboard of the water heater.

12. Switch in cockpit on starboard side was for cockpit 12 volt anchor lights. One of the wires has become disconnected, needs to be rewired.

13. Switch in cockpit in the engine gage compartment is for the mizzen spreader lights.

14. The round wooden handle in the engine gage compartment is for engaging the shaft lock while the shaft is spinning slowly out of gear, push it down you feel it click in the groove.

15. The switches for starting the engine are inside, just to the right of the aft cabin closet door. There is an on/off toggle switch mounted upside down that needs to be in the on position as labeled. There is a push button for glow plugs. Though never needed in warmer climates, such as spring and fall in the Sea of Cortez, this button should be held in for about 20 seconds in the bay area. The engine is then started with the ignition key.

16. The toggle switch on the nav station switch panel under AC Master Power Control is actually to turn on a row of red led lights over the nav station. There is also a row of white lights, their switch is the white rectangular one hanging down behind the switch panel.

17. Regarding the shower sump pump, it is in the center bilge accessed by the floor hatch next to the galley. I've left the cover off the sump to make access to pulling out the filter to clean it easy. While the filter is out, wipe the water level sensor off with a paper towel, it is just starboard of the filter in the aft side of the sump, the sensor is facing the filter.

18. Inverter. There are two AC power cords coming out of the wire bundle that feeds through a hole in the aft bulkhead in the nav station with a male plug on it. The orange one, when plugged in is an extension cord to the starboard lazerette. The Black one goes to the inverter. To invoke the inverter, plug that plug into the AC outlet nearby ***Only When NOT Connected to Shorepower***, to run 110 V AC to the boat's AC outlets.

19. The bottom switch on the auxilarry switch panel inside the closet in the nav station labled Aux. 2 is for the watermaker.

20. There is a spare wire set, red and black, running from the top of the mast for things yet to be invented. The wires end in a coil accessable by removeing the board over the SSB in the nav. station.

21. The switch to the anchor washdown pump is a stainless toggle switch underneath the seat connected to the V-berth closet. You have to look under the seat to see it.

22. There is a vice under and bolted to floorboard in nav station locker.

23. The TCN next to the SSB radio was never installed. I believe it to be working.

24. The dehumidifier is such a good fit for here in the SF Bay area. We never needed one in Mexico.

25. The coil of monofiliment next to the stereo is to repair the dutchman flaking system.