At the time of this writing, my wife Marsha, my dog Cindy, and I are living on our 42' Pearson 424 Ketch, "Spirit" in the Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico. After taking ownership of Spirit, we spent the next 5 years paying off the loan, refurbishing it's existing systems, and increasing it's Gadget Density to the level our minds felt comfortable with. When the loan was paid off after 4 years, we sold our townhouse and most of our possessions, moved into a small apartment near our marina, and continued working to buy the last "expensive" items on our list to complete Spirit's outfitting. Throughout the 5 year period, our participation in racing and yacht club activities dwindled as our time and energy became focused on going "cruising".


Figure 122: Steve Sears

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our experiences with boating and invite you to read further about our experiences after we cut the umbilical cord to the land based, working lifestyle. You can read all about our first year of cruising once we sailed underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left here.


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